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Elbow Strike Clinic (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)

14.11.2022 Tonight for my client’s second hour of her second Muay Thai course we took a break from looking at southpaw strategies to focus on elbow strikes. It proved to be a deep dive into just two types of elbow strike – the horizontal and spear variations – and how they fitted into combinations. After a specific sport and muscle activation series of exercises, we isolated the two elbow strikes and looked at their delivery. This was done a shadow […]

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The Elbow Strikes Back! (diary entry)

elbow strike

02.09.19 Monday saw my client reach the eighth hour of a 10 hour course on Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we focused on elbow strikes. The lesson began with some mirror foot-work. We worked within a more enclosed area to keep the fight at close range. Elbows are best suited to this range for obvious reasons, although Muay Thai also uses them in flying attacks. Before introducing these techniques, we trained teeps, shin checks, teep scoops, kick-catches, […]

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