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Junior MMA Clinch & Senior MMA Striking Combinations (diary enry)

Striking from the knee pin1

15.09.21 My evening sessions covered my junior client’s MMA training and senior client’s MMA training. In the junior class, after the warm-up, we began with some grip and clinch sparring adding on Muay Thai knees. We then went through using strikes to set up the arm-triangle clinch into takedown and submission. I finished the junior MMA with a tabata of jab/cross/sprawl/spear knee strike. The senior lesson began with a series of lowline takedown set-ups. We covered jab/inside leg feint/overhand punch/single […]

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Sparring for Teacher Development Continues (diary entry)


14.09.21 Tonight we entered hour three of an 11 hour course on teacher development. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We took a more in depth look at better addressing the dual concerns of defence and confidence. These are elements that can be positively linked. Many students fear sparring due to an exposure of their own limitations or, as is true for a substantial proportion, timidity. Building a strong defence can help install better confidence when it […]

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Switch-Hitting Finale (diary entry)

vagabond warriors boxing snip3

13.09.21 Monday night’s first lesson was the final hour of my switch-hitting course. We used the lesson to focus purely on principles, tactics and strategies rather than specific combinations or techniques. We began with using 1920s ace featherweight ring general, Benny Leonard, as our inspiration for dealing with southpaws. This involved remembering to angle off and being fluid with different types of jab rather than fighting for the outside of the lead foot. We acknowledged the clear danger of facing […]

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Sparring Teacher Constultancy – Jabs (diary entry)


10.09.21 Tuesday night I continued my teacher consultancy on sparring for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We focused on a run through of boxing, focusing on the jab. Warm-up involving dynmatic stretches and basic techniques.  Jab for jab partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Double jabbing partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Body jabs partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Footwork jabbing – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring All […]

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Deconstructing Basics (diary entry)


02.03.21 Work continues in my teacher consultancy regarding the progress of sparring/pressure-testing for grades, especially but not exclusively to child students. As my progressive and proactive client suggested, we began at the beginning and looked at where and how sparring should be introduced. Key things to consider would be that gradings would not be a test for everything. A club does not have to have sparring in the first grading and yet students by this stage can be accustomed to […]

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Philly Shell Deconstruction (diary entry)

philly shell jamie mary charlie

11.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson continued my teacher consultancy. We kept on the Philly shell, this time deconstructing the technique and addressing weaknesses as well as introducing rear side led combinations. Training began with line work moving onto partner work back to line work and then some specific sparring.

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Eight Rounds and then Sparring (diary entry)

ground and pound

12.03.20   Thursday night’s second session was the penultimate private lesson in my junior client’s first MMA course. We had a hard night’s training, going through the different ranges for three minute rounds on the pads before sparring.   After our usual dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics we went straight into the rounds. The 8 x 3 minute rounds consisted of Boxing, Shoot-Boxing, Kickboxing, Shoot-Kickboxing, Ground ‘n Pound, Guard Defence, Turtle Defence and Back Mount attacks. Then we sparred […]

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Double Lesson Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick catch 2

28.10.19   After a bit of a layoff my client completed the fourth and fifth hour of their second Muay Thai course. We did a lot of isolation work in this lesson, looking at ways to better improve certain techniques. The lesson finished with 5 x 3 minutes rounds of specific and general sparring.   We warmed up with some simple dynamic stretches leading into partner-work. This began with some shadow boxing work; going through all the basic strikes my […]

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The Final Stand-up Sparring Lesson (diary entry)

shin block

19.10.19   The final hour of my client’s course on stand-up sparring consisted of combination-based sparring drills. We trained for an intensive hour, focusing mainly on Muay Thai.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and callisthenics before moving onto the rounds.   Round One: Jab/Teep Exchanges   Round Two: Hook/Round Kick Exchanges   Round Three: Jab/Teep Versus Everything   Round Three: Jab/Teep Versus Everything   Round Four: Hook/Round Kick Versus Everything   Round Five: Hook/Round Kick Versus Everything   […]

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Sparring Drills Continue (diary entry)

low kick jamie

03.10.19 Thursday night brought my client up to the seven and a half hour point of his course on stand-up sparring. Tonight we built on previous Muay Thai sparring drills with some Western Boxing influences. We warmed up with mirror footwork, which was followed by three sets of pad-work. The first set looked at Western Boxing attacks and defences against kicks. The second added to this teeps and knees. The final set added in round kicks. We then commenced with […]

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Sparring Drills (diary entry)

low kick

14.09.19 My first Saturday morning client completed his sixth hour in stand-up striking. We have decided to keep this course within the stand-up striking range and concentrate on MMA in the next course. Warm-ups consisted of agility and coordination work. We moved through the ladders, increasing step cadence and working off angles. The cones allowed for L-steps, V-steps and switch-hitting. Then we went into one-for-one partner warm-ups. This included teep exchanges, jab exchanges and combination exchanges before moving onto focus […]

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Hip Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

muay thai small

11.09.19   My Wednesday night duo of nephew and uncle worked on hip throws and MMA sparring concepts respectively. The junior lesson also revised all three lines of attack covered in previous lessons. The senior lesson was divided up into timed rounds.   The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics. We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, revising two-on-ones and various entries. Next I introduced the hip throw. This is the basic no-gi version of what Judo would call an […]

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Integrating Elbows (diary entry)

elbow strike 2

09.09.19   My Monday night client completed their penultimate lesson in this first course in Basic Muay Thai/Stand-up Fighting. We looked at integrating elbow strikes into the clinch and outside fighting combinations.   We warmed up with shadow boxing, including some basic advice on getting the most out of shadow boxing. This was followed by dynamic stretching and mirror footwork. We then did some revision on the focus mitts and belly pad. We went through sets ups using teeps and […]

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More Two-on-One Work & Sparring (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint5

31.08.19   I just taught one part of my usual duo of junior clients this Saturday. We have reached our seventh hour of their basic course on clinch/stand-up grappling. Today we revised a lot of material, due to the large layoff between sessions, and I also focused on developing the two-on-one as well as sparring.   We warmed up with dynamic stretching and wrestling callisthenics. Next we moved onto break-falls and rolls. Then we moved onto bulling to set up […]

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10 Rounds of Stand-up Fighting (diary entry)

muay thai

29.08.19   We covered the third hour of my client’s course on Sparring Conditioning. We are currently focusing on the stand-up range (Boxing and Muay Thai). Today we ramped our training up to 10 x 3 minute rounds with one minute breaks to focus on specific areas.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics. We then did ladder agility drills and agility cone drills to develop footwork. The lesson then went into the 10 rounds.   […]

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Body-Locks & Pacing (diary entry)

body clinch

28.08.19 The junior lesson today focused on under-hooking. The senior lesson looked at riding the storm in Muay Thai and timing calm resting periods in between flurries of strikes. The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics and dynamic stretching. Then we did grappling specific ladder drills, including hip switches and double-leg takedown entries. Next we clinched with some basic bulling on the collar and elbow tie. From here we focused on the over-hook/under-hook position and did a pummelling warmup drill. […]

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