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Shovel Hooks (diary entry)

liver punch

27.11.18   Tonight’s class brought my client up to his sixth hour of training in Western Boxing for Martial Art Cross Training. I am very happy with his speedy progress. He is clearly taking home a lot of the material being taught, training it and doing the appropriate research before bringing it back for further development in the lesson.   Our course brought us up to the final actual punch: the shovel hook. Everything else is now a variation on […]

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Body Shot City (diary entry)

liver kick

17.10.18   Tonight I continued teaching my series of junior lessons on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training, where we reached our sixth half hour session. This was followed by an hour’s senior lesson on Mixed Martial Arts.   The first lesson continued work on the peek-a-boo and tightening up stance structure and movement. I began with a series of exercises designed to promote good posture whilst ducking or switching levels in a fight.   We built up […]

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Over-Hook Double-Arm Trap (diary entry)

body clinch

20.06.18   Tonight my client continued with our theme on trapping. We continued down our old school boxing route and explored a technique taught by the early 20th century world champion, “Gentleman” Jim Corbett, adding to it from an MMA perspective.   We warmed up with mirror footwork. Then we combined clinching and breakaways, setting up various basic strikes. This moved into plumb and pummelling exercises, and finally a couple of rounds of wrestling sparring.   Previously we used the […]

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