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More Wrestling Research (diary entry)


30.08.2023 My 1.5 hour client’s deep dive into Greco-Roman Wrestling inspired techniques and tactics continued tonight as we covered some new tactics in throwing and some more wrestling-based ground-fighting. After a warm-up of grappling-based callisthenics and dynamic stretches – Indian press-ups, Indian squat, head bridges and crab press-ups – we went back to the 2-on-1. From this position I linked in an old primal move now often disregarded technique in Submission Grappling and MMA, the head-lock. This was the sag […]

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Two-on-One Takedowns & Counters (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint5

16.08.2023 My 1.5 hour client reviewed all the pinch headlock work we had been covering before moving onto the two-on-one series. After a warm-up of Indian press-ups and squats, we practised some break-falling and rolling. This was followed by a review of pinch headlock to throwby, pinch headlock to side takedown, pinch headlock to sagging bodylock takedown and pinch headlock to the crunch. We then began the two-on-one and drilled it from an arm-drag as well as other positions. I […]

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MMA Takedowns & Submissions (diary entry)


25.09.19 My second Wednesday lesson was my regular double junior/senior lesson, where I concluded my course on stand-up/clinch and continued MMA combination work respectively. The first lesson revised most of the course material and I introduced the shoulder throw as well the quarter-nelson used to get a pin. We finished with two rounds of sparring. The second lesson went back through some of the set-ups in the previous class that began at stand-up range and finished with a ground submission. […]

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Final Stand-up Grappling Lesson (diary entry)

shoulder throw

16.07.2019   On Tuesday I finished my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Clinch/Stand up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. We covered some agility exercises specific for wrestling and I introduced the two-handed shoulder throw as the final technique of the course.   After some basic callisthenics and mobility stretches for grappling we moved onto the agility ladder and cones. Ladder drills includes turning the hips and cone drills included at and defence switching angles.   After some solo […]

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