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The “Archie Moore” (diary entry)

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02.08.2022 Tuesday night’s client entered hour two of his new Boxing course. We focused on the shoulder roll and footwork. After a brief warm up of dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises we moved straight onto some agility/footwork drills. I am strongly in favour of training new behaviours and any challenging coordination work as early in a lesson as possible. Complex movements should come in early in any workout due to the amount of conscious concentration required and the energy […]

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Shoulder Rolls & High Guard (diary entry)

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29.06.19 Saturday’s first lesson saw my client finish his fourth hour his stand-up striking course. We continued work on his high guard and I also added in the shoulder roll. This was worked into both Western Boxing and Muay Thai. After a series of callisthenic exercises specific to stand-up fighting we did some mirror footwork. I built on this by feeding my client shots to his high guard. We then moved onto the focus mitts, bringing in various combinations that […]

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