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Explosive Guard Passes & Attacking the Shoulder (diary entry)

Shoulder lock diary

14.09.20 The sixth hour of my clients’ Submission Grappling course looked at footwork for guard passes, an explosive stacking pass and the omoplata shoulder lock from guard and sparring. My two clients began with a warm-up of footwork exercises. We used the toe-to-line footwork drill for guard passing. This begins with simple forward and backward rhythmic movements, keeping the posture low. We then progressed with side-steps and crescent steps before moving onto going through the guard and passing guard into […]

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Shoulder Locks & Stacking (diary entry)


28.11.19   Thursday night’s junior private lesson introduced the omoplata shoulder lock and stacking guard pass.   We warmed up with a wide variety of top and bottom position callisthenic exercises, including bear crawls, lizard crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls, snaking, side-winders, sit-outs, upas, arm-bar leg raises and triangle choke leg raises. Then we went straight into revising escaping to standing from guard, arm-bars from closed guard and triangle choke from closed guard. These last two exercises were then performed […]

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