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New Self-Defence Course Begins (diary)

fence 2

12.08.15 I conducted the first lesson of my new client’s course on self-protection. He has requested to follow the self-protection line first before moving into relevant areas of self-protection. Having a background where he used to be very active in sports, he wishes to pursue something new, but is keen that it has a functional basis first. We began with a general overview lecture of personal security. The relevant links for resources on this can be found on the following […]

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Weapon Evasion to Engagement (diary entry)


22.07.15 The sixth in the CCMA course on weapons for martial arts cross training was a revision of the past five lessons, moving into grappling with striking. We began using the single and double sticks, moving through postures and varying angle patterns as part of the warm-up. Then we moved onto evasive movements against the sticks and the knife I introduced a simple pivoting response to attack incoming slashes with the knife and then built on it with unarmed strikes […]

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Self-Protection Double Workshop in Birmingham (diary entry)

Self-Protection Workshop Feb 2011

Birmingham’s Shinkenmi Ni Tesseyo Karate very kindly invited me to teach a children’s and an adult’s self-protection workshop. Both sessions were small and therefore I took a more informal touch. Rather than using a PowerPoint presentation, we covered all the soft skills material in a sit-down discussion format. Both sessions covered pre, in and post-fight criteria. All attendees did well and gave their all into the training/learning process. However, I was surprised that some think that personal security should form […]

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