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Senior Self-Protection Course at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

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15.10.2022 My ninth booking for Kingham Hill School was my second morning seminar on self-protection. This particular group took in students aged 15-18, which is a large age range but nevertheless can be accommodated with the right robust principles. We covered the following topics: Purposeful walking Exit identification Escape plans Evasion tactics Fight management strategy Attitude – moral compass, resilience and character Situational awareness – people, places, hazards and changes The fence and pre-emptive striking Covering and recovering The aftermath […]

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Teenage Self-Protection Seminar at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

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08.10.2022 I was booked back to teach for Kingham Hill school for an eighth time. However, instead of running my children’s self-protection classes termly “When Parents Aren’t Around” was presented as a four-hour seminar. The format is better suited for self-protection, which I try to deliver as like a First Aid course, but the challenge is to keep the attention of 14 or so 11-14 year olds for an extended period of time on a Saturday morning. Usually such circumstances […]

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Kingham Hill Self-Protection Course 7.9 (diary entry)

elbow strike

23.03.2022 My first group at Kingham Hill covered anti-grappling. My second group revised the fence, moved onto the cover and we discussed what constitutes attitude. The first group began with the hunter exercise in order to reinforce the forward pressure objective even when faced with being posted by an enemy. It also serves as a good training tool for the target holder who will play the role of a grappler. We then moved onto learning a series of basic grappling […]

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Kingham Hill Self-Protection Course 7.6 (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb coaches a transitional striking drill, beginning with the fence

02.03.2022 Kingham Hill’s two lessons were at different stages. The first lesson revised some tactical escape training where I was able to encourage better agility training and to ramp up the pressure. We also went through the pre-emptive strikes and incidental combinations. Next, we moved onto the use of the cover and its place in regaining the initiative. The discussion centred on attitude and what makes up a good attitude from a self-protection perspective. The second lesson is a far […]

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Awareness and Pre-Emptive Actions (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb coaches two seminar students in a pre-emptive strike drill

22.09.21 Kingham Hill School’s self-protection course for two groups continued. Soft skills focused on situational awareness and defining an immediate human threat. Hard skills included exercises to promote tactical escaping and recovery. We also tested pre-emptive striking, covered target familiarisation and layered this onto focus mitts for impact development. Services

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Sixth Self-Protection Course at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)


08.01.20   Kingham Hill School began their sixth Self-Defence/Self-Protection course with me in their new sports centre. This means I have access to more facilities to better deliver this constantly developing service. With mock exams in progress, I had a smaller group today. I used this situation to prepare those who learnt today to help train the new attendees next week. We covered the basics on pre-fight personal security, tactical escapes, sprawls and covers as well as pre-emptive striking.   […]

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Anti-Grappling Training & Kingham Hill (diary entry)


20.11.19   Kingham Hill School covered anti-grappling in this lunchtime’s lesson. This is the stage in their self-protect programme where we are faced problems associated with being gripped, held, tackled and wrestled. Everything prior to this has been about pre-emption and regaining the initiative. I have promoted creating distance and focusing on using strikes to facilitate an early escape.   We began with a short revision warm-up on tactical escape and combative movements on the move. These movements focused more […]

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Layering Escape & Pre-Emption (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - palm

25.09.19 Wednesday’s first lesson was at Kingham Hill School, where I continued teaching my Self-Defence tactical escape methods and introduced the concept of the fence. The lesson began with movement exercises, integrating runs to exit points, sprawling, punching whilst moving, changing levels and covering. We then added on agility exercises to increase explosive movement. This was a combination of chopping steps forwards and backwards through the ladders and forwards and backwards serpentine running around the cones. We then moved onto […]

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Spring Term Training Begins (diary entry)

Angry fence to make space (a)

16.01.2019   Today began the first day of a new term at Kingham Hill School. My session has been oversubscribed, meaning that the class was the largest group so far since I started teaching at Kingham Hill back in the spring last year.  I am teaching self-defence again along with elements of combat sports. It was good to see the return of familiar faces from the two previous terms. Their presence meant I had some assistance with the greater numbers. […]

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Muay Thai Begins at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

muay thai small

21.11.2018   My first lesson of the day was with Kingham Hill School. We got straight into attribute training for their self-protection course. The previous weeks have focused on personal security and self-defence. This week we begin looking at other arts that have functional benefits for self-defence hard skills. This took the form of Muay Thai.   The warm-up began with line work. Here we looked at a basic stance, explaining how this can be developed from a simple talking […]

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A New Training Term Begins (diary entry)

law self defence

03.10.18   Today I re-started my self-defence/Mixed Martial Arts programme at Kingham Hill School. My mandate, as usual, is to teach fundamentals of self-defence in line the CCMA approach to training and introduce the students to Mixed Martial Arts. All self-defence training I teach has to be underpinned by good personal security and soft skill information. Self-defence, as explained to those in attendance, is a legal term. Anyone who purports to teach classes under the heading “self-defence” should have a […]

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Taster Lesson at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)


28.02.2018   Today’s first lesson was a taster session for Kingham Hill School. The event was well-attended by students aged 16-17 years. My mandate is to deliver a course of self-protection/Mixed Martial Arts. I usually like to teach a strict 10 hour course of self-defence first before moving onto martial arts disciplines, but I appreciate the structure and audience is quite different in this respect and these lessons are more akin to a club format. Therefore, I have decided to […]

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