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The New King (diary entry)

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12.01.2022 Jersey Joe Walcott versus Rocky Marciano Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship 23.09.1952 After his second round knockout rematch with Gino Buovino Rocky Marciano knocked out Bernie Reynolds in round three and Harry Matthews in round two. Jersey Joe Walcott’s unanimous decision against Ezzard Charles was his first title defence before facing Marciano. Both these fighters had had careers of being the underdogs, but now it was accepted they were best two boxers to fight for the heavyweight crown and proven […]

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Great Feuds: Robinson’s Revenge (diary entry)

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Tonight’s “Learn from the Fight” brought us back to the heavyweight division to see what was lying in the wings for our current 1952 champion, Jersey Joe Walcott and just about any other fighter hungry for the top prize. Back in 1951 Rocky Marciano, was like a latter day Jack Dempsey, in both his swarming style and the devastating way he was stopping opponents in the early rounds. After him it was back to the middleweights and another all-time legend, […]

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