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Junior Grappling/Senior Muay Thai (diary entry)

pawing long guard thai

27.10.21 Tonight my junior client began looking at the clinch into ground submission work. My senior class continued looking at set-ups for overhand rights and rear round kicks. Areas he needs to work on with my junior client include wrestling attack and defence as well leg-locks. Due to his age, I am always concerned about any form of joint manipulation work. He is to execute full submissions on adult coaches and training partners but only to receive strong positional techniques […]

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Clinch and Ground Revision (diary entry)

17.12.20 I resumed some teaching consultancy for Forest Schools of Karate, picking up from the last lesson on clinch and previous lessons on ground-fighting. The lesson began with a revision of the pinning drill. I looked at details presented by each of the pins, including some submission opportunities and paid particular attention to the transitioning, especially the importance of keeping the hips low. We then moved onto the cut-off from the rear waist-lock. From here we looked at switching to […]

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