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MMA Guard & Ranges (diary entry)

mma guards

03.03.20   Tuesday night’s first lesson was my client’s second hour of his first Mixed Martial Arts course. We worked more on transitioning, the MMA guard and how each range relates to the bigger fighting picture.   Training began with the usual warm-up which we then progressed into some movement exercises. Here we first isolated movement patterns from various stages of a fight – Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, kneeling, seated and from the back. Then we blended these areas in […]

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Taking it to the Wall and Back! (diary entry)

Against the Cage2

13.02.20   Thursday night brought my Junior MMA course up to the 5 hour point. Tonight we went through a range of warm-up and callisthenic techniques my client can use in her home training as well techniques for closing the distance, clinching, working against the wall and fighting from the top position in the guard.   The warm-up began with dynamic stretches, shadow boxing and agility ladder drills for all ranges. From here we used strikes to clinch and perform […]

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