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Restrictive Punching (diary entry)


01.06.18 The 5:30 a.m. brought my client up to the three-hour mark of his 10-hour course on Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We worked a lot on foot work, retaining posture and stance through movement, and jab/cross combinations. The warm-up focused on forward, backward and lateral movement before working angles and the v-step. This was then layered with jabbing and crossing. I also introduced him to some specific conditioning exercises such as the squat and stance change. This […]

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MMA Revision & Trapping (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

24.05.2018   Tonight’s lesson on transitioning MMA took the focus onto trapping. We spent the majority of the class going through all the ranges. This began with a series of movement exercises – snaking, butterfly guard movement, combat base knee-walking and various footwork. This was followed by transitioning through all these postures on the move. Finally punching combinations were added on top.   We then changed to partner work. This began with mirror footwork, drilling two, three and four punch […]

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Stand-up Power Strikes (diary entry)


27.12.16   The last lesson of 2016 consisted of pure stand-up work. We focused on western boxing and then Muay Thai, looking at simple mechanics for linear and circular strikes. The lesson began on the focus mitts with attack and defence tactics used in western boxing. We covered cutting off the ring, stepping off the line, dropping below the eye-line of an opponent for attack. Then we covered slipping, bobbing and weaving, and drawing an opponent for defence.   Next […]

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