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Bareknuckles on the Line (diary entry)


03.06.17   This morning’s lesson brought western boxing back to the self-defence line. The entire lesson was conducted barehanded, which allows the student to appreciate advantages and disadvantages of not wearing boxing gloves. In addition to applying principles taken from pre-20th century pugilism – gloved western boxing’s immediate predecessor – we looked at how the mechanics and strategies can be adapted for non-sporting interpersonal violence.   The lesson began with a quick revision of the fence. The client confirmed retention […]

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Stand-up Power Strikes (diary entry)


27.12.16   The last lesson of 2016 consisted of pure stand-up work. We focused on western boxing and then Muay Thai, looking at simple mechanics for linear and circular strikes. The lesson began on the focus mitts with attack and defence tactics used in western boxing. We covered cutting off the ring, stepping off the line, dropping below the eye-line of an opponent for attack. Then we covered slipping, bobbing and weaving, and drawing an opponent for defence.   Next […]

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Progressive Technique and Conditioning (diary entry)


19.10.15   My client booked a one-off training session focusing on evolutionary combative methods and conditioning. We began with Western Boxing, working on basic footwork to promote coordination. Here my client learns the basics of moving whilst striking in different directions. He fed back to me the surprising aerobic and anaerobic demands of learning these skills, which reinforces my current belief that coordination training is good cardio. It also makes sense to cover it early in training. It is good […]

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