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Offline Strikes & Pressure Testing at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

pressure test

09.10.19   Kingham Hill School’s Self-Protection course was Wednesday’s first lesson. We shifted our focus onto direct application of force. We also covered offline strikes and an introduction to pressure testing.   Training began with a warm up of purposeful walking, taking in surroundings and identifying hazards and exits. As a circuit of the training hall was completed the class were told to immediately move to exit points. Attention was paid to posture and observation. Heart rates were raised with […]

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The Hook under Pressure (diary entry)

Hook palm 2

  30.01.2019   Today’s self-defence lesson at Kingham Hill School introduced the hook and aspects of live training. This sandwiched in revision from lessons, where we covered the pre-emptive strike and both passive and aggressive fences.   We began with a warm-up, coordinating punching and movement. We also revised the cover and tactical escape; running in different directions and accessing the nearest exit points at a moment’s notice.   We then had a quick discussion on responses under pressure. I […]

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