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Escape, Pre-Emption & the Fence (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - palm

29.01.20   Wednesday lunchtime saw me continue my Self-Protection course for Kingham Hill with a hard skills-centric/self-defence lesson. We revised attitude and escape procedures before focusing pre-emptive striking.   The class were warmed up with walking exercises where they did some basic mobility exercises and check their nature posture. From here they worked on throwing natural strikes from relaxed positions as they continued to walk. They changed direction and moved to exit points. Then I had them jogging whilst striking, […]

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The Hook, The Hammer-Fist & The Invisible Fence (diary entry)

Hook palm 2

15.05.19   Wednesday’s first lesson saw the continuation my summer term course for Kingham Hill School on Self-Defence. Today’s focus was entirely on the hook. This was largely delivered as an open-hand strike although variations with the more classic punch were also offered for those who had more experience.   We warmed up with a series of ground exercises for a change. This also segued into the transitional warm-up that followed. Movement is such a key thing in combat that […]

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Cross-Training in Action (diary entry)

mma tkd

02.01.19   The first two official private lessons of the year saw the uncle and nephew team train inter-discipline connections and principles. Trite, pseudo-philosophical paradoxes to one side, sometimes you do need to go back to the beginning in order to move forward. My junior client was taught the behavioural connection between peek-a-boo slip/punching and the “Dracula” guard, and my senior client was taught the behavioural connections between the fence, angling off in general and various cover tactics.   My […]

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Improving Impact & Friendly Resistance


10.10.18   Today’s first lesson was the second class of my second term at Kingham Hill School. We continued our work on the fence, did some transitioning training and restrictive training. The lesson was all about owning the straight rear hand strike.   We began with some simple escape exercises and reaction tests. The class students switched directions whilst running, covered and shadow boxed. They then ran in different directions and worked to escape one another. Then they did some […]

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Holding the Fence Line (diary entry)

thumb strike

26.08.15 The second in my client’s first series of lessons on basic self-protection moved more into the hard skills that will make up the bulk of this training. We began with a revision of the fence and preserving personal space. Before we stepped over into actual physical engagement we confirmed a complete understanding of determining the likelihood of a physical threat. This area exemplifies the importance of training attitude in conjunction with actual skills. Most people can make shapes, hit […]

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