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Why the Fence is THAT Important (diary entry)


06.10.20 Tonight’s teacher consultation took the form of a self-protection overview. We discussed various points surrounding pre-emptive striking and how it should be taught to students. The fence is an extremely important tool for testing whether or not a pre-emptive strike would be required. If executed correctly, the user will be on-balance and have sufficient space to take action should the potential threat confirm violent intentions. Debate has arisen as to what this pre-emption to should be depending on the […]

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Pre-Emptive Strike Webinar (diary entry)

Hard Skills Webinar 1

16.08.20 Keiryu Practical Karate kindly hosted my fourth official CCMA open webinar. This is the first part of my hard skill series where I focused on pre-emption. Material covered included why pre-emption is tactically the best choice for self-defence (the physical side of self-protection), the consistent support it has received throughout the history of warfare, why most people do not use pre-emption, when to use pre-emption, what tools are best suited for pre-emption and various points surrounding the use of […]

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Teaching Challenges; Progress Through Adaptation (diary entry)

Talking Hands (small)

05/11/10   Tuesday’s late evening session was my teacher training lesson. In addition to going through my own pin transition and guard transition routines we looked the use of the half-guard. This is all designed to form certain basics for my client’s students to have down prior to a workshop I will be teaching on MMA.   I discussed suggested hierarchies for submission grappling and MMA in relation to using the guard. We both agreed that the students in question […]

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Layering Escape & Pre-Emption (diary entry)

Hand strike variable - palm

25.09.19 Wednesday’s first lesson was at Kingham Hill School, where I continued teaching my Self-Defence tactical escape methods and introduced the concept of the fence. The lesson began with movement exercises, integrating runs to exit points, sprawling, punching whilst moving, changing levels and covering. We then added on agility exercises to increase explosive movement. This was a combination of chopping steps forwards and backwards through the ladders and forwards and backwards serpentine running around the cones. We then moved onto […]

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