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Multiple Attack & More Post-Fight (diary entry)

29.10.20 The seventh hour of my teenage self-protection course brought us onto the subject of in-fight multiple attackers. We revised all the hard skills material previously covered from pre-emptive striking to recovering from the ground, including multiple attackers at the pre-emptive stage before moving onto the main area of training. Here we looked at covering and striking against multiple attacks and using tactical escape footwork to exit a situation. I was fortunate to have my client’s brother present as well […]

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Postures in Self-Protection (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

22.10.20 My teenage client’s sixth hour in self-protection focused entirely on asymmetrical ground-fighting and the post-fight phase. We warmed up with some simple callisthenics and dynamic stretches, directly relevant to the training we were about to undertake. This included shadowing pre-emptive strikes and covers. Then we moved into transitioning from different postures. On its own, this particular exercise is a great warm-up routine and a simple way to reinforce efficient recovery from compromised positions. Each posture transition was isolated and […]

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