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Thai Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

26.09.2022 Hour seven of my new client’s Muay Thai course focused on developing the Thai clinch. I also introduced diagonal, horizontal and curve knee strikes. After our warm-up of footwork, muscle activation exercises, dynamic stretching and shadow boxing we moved onto the basic clinch. The position taught is the double collar tie or “plum” position. From here looked at dominating the inside position as well as pushing and pulling using the basic box footwork (forwards, backwards and lateral). This was […]

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Punching in the Clinch (diary entry)

clinch strike

24.02.20   My client reached the eighth hour of her third Muay Thai/Kickboxing course on Monday night. The course has been mainly focused on punching technique. Tonight we looked at the use of punches within the clinch.   The lesson began with a light warm-up of shadow boxing, going through basic punching combinations and footwork patterns. We then moved onto the focus mitts used the teep to set up punching combinations. These combinations were then sandwiched in with kicks and […]

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Against the Wall MMA (diary entry)

Against the Cage2

30.01.20   Thursday night’s lesson was the third hour of my junior client’s MMA where we worked fighting against the wall/cage.   We warmed up with an extended series of MMA callisthenics in order for my client to have a good selection to use in her own training. This consisted of several line work movements from Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before moving onto the agility ladders working all three ranges of stand-up, clinch and ground.   […]

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