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Thai Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

26.09.2022 Hour seven of my new client’s Muay Thai course focused on developing the Thai clinch. I also introduced diagonal, horizontal and curve knee strikes. After our warm-up of footwork, muscle activation exercises, dynamic stretching and shadow boxing we moved onto the basic clinch. The position taught is the double collar tie or “plum” position. From here looked at dominating the inside position as well as pushing and pulling using the basic box footwork (forwards, backwards and lateral). This was […]

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Curved Knees & The Collar/Elbow Tie (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)

27.09.2021 The second hour of my couple clients’ course on the Thai clinch proceeded from the warm-up into plum position revision. They partnered off to work forward, backward, lateral and angling footwork, working on push/pull setups to break each other’s posture. Then we layered in the spear and diagonal knee strikes on a one-for-one basis. I then held the Thai focus mitts for working these particular knee strikes in the clinch. We then moved onto the collar and elbow clinch […]

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Muay Thai Clinch Course Begins (diary entry)


21.09.21 Monday night’s lesson saw my client couple begin their course in the clinch for Muay Thai. We thought it best to start at the beginning as one of the two clients has not covered this area before and no one is above basics anyway, including yours truly. So, after a warm-up geared towards aspects of grappling as well as strikes I introduced the main knee strikes. These were performed as line work and also as muscle activation exercises. This […]

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