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Grapple ‘n Strike Transitioning Continues (diary entry)

meme multiple

14.02.18 “They said I was the fighter who got knocked down the most, but I also got up the most,”– Floyd Patterson Tonight’s lesson continued the transitioning theme for MMA and self-defence training. Our work was to hone coordinated striking and grappling techniques throughout the transitioning phases of getting up and standing. The lesson started with a series of break-fall exercises. This led us onto break-falling and regaining footing in the same motion. Then we went back to the core […]

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“Fighting is making the other fella miss” (diary)

Bob and weave

13.02.18   “Fighting is not hitting, any fool can hit. Fighting is making the other fella miss. He miss, he think, he worry. It’s a mind game.” (Gladiator, 1992)   Tonight’s second course in Boxing for Martial Arts Cross-Training brought my client up to the four hour point. We combined the previous two lessons’ work on slipping, bobbing and weaving, and also introduced ducking for a comprehensive review of upper body mobility. As my client pointed out, we had mainly […]

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The Bobbing and Weaving Disappearing Act (diary entry)

bobbing and weaving

06.02.18 The second lesson of my client’s second course on Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought us up to the two and a half hour point. We are continuing with our theme on head movement, this time concentrating on bobbing and weaving. The lesson began with mirror footwork, including various cornering and drawing drills. This was followed by line-work, moving forwards, backwards, switching stances and angling off. We then revised the slip/jab/overhand work we did in the previous […]

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Stand-up Fighting & Conditioning (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

31.01.18 Tonight my client had an interval from our transitioning programme and we decided to focus on the stand-up range with appropriate conditioning. The lesson provided more of a review of previous material found in Western Boxing and Muay Thai as well as combining them. We warmed up with some mobility and callisthenic exercises before moving onto mirror footwork. Because today’s lesson was focused on mainly the stand-up range we spent more time changing stances and being mindful about angling. […]

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Striking & Submission Combinations (diary entry)


13.01.18   This morning’s lesson brought us to the seven and a half hour point of my client’s 10 hour course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. Our theme was ground-fighting combinations from the top position. We looked at revising all transitions from different pins and submissions, isolating striking from the various pins and then combining them. A key point being made throughout the lesson was how much a well-executed, strong position can give a fighter. A […]

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Transitioning Positions in Grappling (diary entry)


10.01.18   Following my client’s previous lesson, we are embarking on a series of classes focused on transitioning work. This is composed of various drills that can be layered and then applied under pressure. Their purpose is to promote more effective movement and general fluidity through Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defence. Ideally the movement provides the fighter with options he can use to build on using his own experience.   We began with a series of MMA build-up warm-up exercises. […]

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Transitioning as an Art in MMA (diary entry)


04.01.18   The first official lesson of 2018 began my client on an exciting new exploratory adventure in mixed martial arts and martial arts cross-training. Having spent the latter part of 2017 focusing a lot on half-guard and its place in grappling, we decided to bring it back into MMA. However, the resulting lesson ended up exploring a more encompassing yet specific topic. We looked at our old friend, transitioning. This is a common soap box subject with me. It […]

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Stand-up Fighter’s Game (diary entry)


30.12.17   The final lesson of 2017 brought my client’s Basic Course in Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training up to the four and a half hour mark. We continued to take our cue from the stand-up range and looked at the bobbing and weaving/rolling action as well as an overall strategy maintaining a stand-up fighting range and disengagement.   The lesson began with a series of exercises based on changing ranges. Partner-work included mirror footwork and transitioning out […]

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Slipping the Jab for MMA (diary entry)

23.12.17   Tonight’s lesson on Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training brought us up to the three hour point. We revised some of the previous lesson’s material and then focused on stand-up to clinch transitioning, finishing with a groundwork conditioning exercise.   We warmed up with footwork add-ons. We began with western boxing and then adding on Muay Thai techniques, followed by bulling and pummelling from wrestling and then some basic movement drills attacking and defending the […]

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Lockdown Work (diary entry)

13.12.17   Tonight’s class continued our work on the half-guard. As promised, we specifically looked at the lockdown. All our warm-up was partner-centred, gradually increasing range of mobility and intensity as the exercise drills progressed. We did under-hook/over-hook pummelling, butterfly guard sweeps and butterfly guard arm-drags. Then we immediately reviewed the basic lockdown sweep.   From this position we looked at under-hooking the leg and passing an arm (handcuff), which we previously covered in the lesson before last time. We […]

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Ground-Work Self-Defence (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

    01.12.17   The final part of my client’s 10 hour basic course on Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting brought us back to the self-defence line. All lessons up to this point worked within the context of grappling with another ground grappler. Here the student can explore the art and the sport rather than be concerned with its place as a counter-assault method. Tonight all of that changed, as we had a different objective. Here the fighter is focused upon damage control […]

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Validating the Half-Guard (diary entry)


29.11.17 At my client’s request we explored the half-guard. I have observed how controversial this position has become in MMA over the past 10 or so years. Some still maintain that the position is far from ideal and fighters holding it are prone to “eat up a lot of punches”. Interestingly they make this argument against the deep half-guard, which is where a lot of innovations have been coming in since Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu have actively taken […]

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Building on the Mobile Scaffold (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

08.11.17   Tonight we tested and then built off the foundation taught last lesson. I struggle for an appropriate metaphor here and keep on using the term “scaffold”. One doesn’t usually think of mobility, fluidity and transitioning when one thinks of a scaffold, but the point remains that a fighter needs to have a mobile base in order to fight effecienty. The movement from guard resembles the footwork required to effecient when one fights from a stand-up or clinch position. […]

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Escaping from Pins (diary entry)


04.11.17   This morning brought us up to the four and a half hour mark in a 10 hour basic course on submission grappling/groundwork for martial arts cross-training. Previously we looked at basic top positioning, pinning and transitioning from the top with a few submissions. Today we looked at defence from underneath. It wasn’t my intention to work much on guard-work, which comes under its own very large category, but there is some degree of overlap that flowed well.   […]

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MMA Clinch to Ground (diary entry)

standing arm triangle

25.10.17   Tonight’s lesson continued with MMA clinch-work, revising Muay Thai entries and adaptations, but focused on set-ups using the elbow and collar tie. We also did some ground work.   Training began with western boxing and Muay Thai shadow boxing, moving onto wrestling entries. This was followed by partner work, which included neck-wrestling, lock-off positioning for knee strikes, shoulder trapping and arm-triangle trapping. We then moved onto over-hook/under-hook pummelling. From here we looked at setting up knee-strikes, elbow-strikes and […]

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