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Layering Jab Counters (diary entry)


23.11.2022 My senior client had a 1.5 hour lesson focusing on boxing. We continued with the Cuban influence and looked at the same jab counters covered in Tuesday night’s lesson. However, we had time to layer in some extra punches, putting a cross to the head on the end of the dip/body jab for example. I also did a small amount of work on the Philly shell. We also had more sparring time and trained for 5 x 3 minute […]

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Philly Shell Deconstruction (diary entry)

philly shell jamie mary charlie

11.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson continued my teacher consultancy. We kept on the Philly shell, this time deconstructing the technique and addressing weaknesses as well as introducing rear side led combinations. Training began with line work moving onto partner work back to line work and then some specific sparring.

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Philly Shell Continues (diary entry)

philly shell mary charlie

04.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson was my teacher consultant sessions. We continued with the Philly shell working on striking and defending, including proactive focus-mitt work and specific sparring. Training began on the focus mitts with the emphasis being on the fighter to lead with the footwork. We then put in a simple baiting tactic; the fighter moves in with a fast flurry before retreating into the Philly shell to counter the opponent’s retaliation. The lesson finished with restrictive, specific sparring […]

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Introducing the Philly Shell (diary entry)

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28.07.20 On Tuesday my teacher consultant lesson continued with the introduction of the Philly Shell. This defensive boxing technique uses angles and footwork to draw attacks in order to counter. I broke it down into footwork only exercises and a proactive focus mitt exercise. In the latter, the fighter leads the footwork with the coach following and showing the targets when the reach striking range in various combinations. A lot of work was done on the jab and also on […]

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Jab Variations Continue (diary entry)

Straight lead

11.12.18   Tonight brought my new Boxing client up to the eighth hour his basic course. We continued work on the jab variations, mainly going over the techniques taught last week before adding in the straight hook and the uppercut jab.   Training began with a review of shadow boxing as a warmup. Here I watched footwork and upper body movement as I called out different scenarios. As per my essay on this area of training, it is important to […]

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