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Catch & Shoot (diary entry)

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20.09.2022 Hour six of my client’s current boxing course brought us on catch and shoot drills. After a warm-up of revisions on pendulum footwork and coordination drills, slipping and working pivots on hooks and straights, we moved onto the new drills. A strong principle running through these Cuban boxing inspired techniques is the use of the back-foot. When it comes to catching punches the back-foot pivots. It pivots out on rear arm blocks and lead hooks and lead uppercuts, and […]

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Five Rounds of MMA Pad-Work (diary entry)

set up sprawl

23.06.2022 Last Thursday saw the beginning of my clients’ new course. We do not have a set theme this time due some injuries he has suffered outside of lessons so tonight we had a general overview of Mixed Martial Arts. After a warm-up of sport specific exercises and dynamic stretching we trained for 5 x 5 minute rounds on the focus mitts, covering individual areas. Round 1 – Boxing Round 2 – Muay Thai Round 3 – MMA Clinch Round […]

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Grading Preparation Concludes (diary entry)

instructor coaching 8

28.04.2022 My instructor client booked me for a third prep session before her grading with Iain Abernethy in practical karate for Sunday 1st May. We went back over the set combinations and the freestyle focus mitt work and also engaged in some very light kickboxing based free-styling.                                   Services

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Defence Habits (diary entry)

jack and jamie pads

12.03.2022 Tuesday night’s lessons were junior and senior MMA lessons. The former resumed my focus on developing my client’s defence against straight rights and the latter was 8 rounds of focus mitt work. After a warm-up, including shadow boxing designed to promote better lead hand defence, we moved onto the boxing focus mitts. Here I repeatedly fed straight rights for my client to defend. This was mixed in with various combinations and other defences. I then layered in kicks and […]

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The Last Three Combinations (diary entry)

muay thai small

28.06.21 As my couple clients reached the final part of their last course on rhythm and flow combinations I set them a task to select three they wished to nail in this session. We are continuing and concluding the integration phase introduced in the previous lesson where the combinations would form part of their freestyle work. Next week we will be starting a new journey looking at switch-hitting and fight tactics and strategies. My clients had 12 rounds to spend […]

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Combination Integration (diary entry)


21.06. 21 Monday night and on the penultimate lesson of my couple clients’ course we continued with our randomisation of the 14 rhythm and flow combinations. Now we are looking at their integration. From the outset my plan has not been to simply memorise all of these combinations but to draw fluid movement and the art of chaining together lengthier series of strikes. However, this type of training is a good challenge to finish the series. We ran the lesson […]

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Dicing with Combos (diary entry)

third workout cover 2

13.06.21 It was my couple clients’ turn at the dice method. Having shadowed on all 14 rhythm and flow combinations over Skype during lockdown and then transferred onto focus mitts it was time test information retention and start blasting these out at random. We followed a routine of 10 minute warm-up, four 10 minute rounds of dice roll combinations and then 10 warm-down and stretch.   Services

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Dutch Block and Pad-Work on Combination Number 12 (diary entry)

dutch block

03.05.21 Monday’s lesson was the third part of my couple client’s rhythm and flow combination on focus mitts. We are into our third hour of this course. Tonight we worked on the 12th combination. This particular combination sets up a same side low kick to mid kick combination with a jab/cross before tranferring weight back to the opposite side for a cross chained rapidly with a hook and a second cross. At this stage there is concession made for the […]

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Virtual Focus Mitts on Combos


27.02.21 Saturday morning’s first lesson was my client’s third hour on training stand-up fighting combinations for rhythm and flow. We are currently going back through all the 14 combinations and training them on virtual focus mitts. These exercises help develop and maintain timing that cannot be acquired through just training the combinations in a shadow boxing. This morning we worked through combinations eight to 10. Combination eight links opposite leg kicks together and finishes with a drawing technique onto a […]

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Combination 2 partner work (diary entry)


22.02.21 Hour four of my client’s second course on stand-up striking combinations continued her and her lockdown partner’s work on transferring shadow boxing to focus mitts. We looked at combination two, which is short and deals with chasing an opponent off landing a powerful head kick at its climax. Her lockdown partner is doing well with his recovery, but we adapted the head kick to a calf kick. This combination also introduces the same side cross and kick dynamic. The […]

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Bringing Boxing Together (diary entry)

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03.11.20 Tonight’s second lesson was my client’s eighth hour of Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We looked at developing much of what has already been covered and also bringing a lot of it together. After warming up we went into our footwork drills, progressing through steps forward and back into the pendulum footwork drill, pivoting off and creating angles as well as some lateral footwork drills.I covered set-ups for the gazelle punch and the Bizarro punch. We then did […]

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