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More Fighting the Reverse Side (diary entry)

shin block

15.08.19   Thursday began my client’s new course on sparring development. We will still be following progress from the previous two courses, but there will be a larger emphasis on fighting conditioning and better sparring in general. Today we looked at Western Boxing and Muay Thai.   The warm-up looked at agility ladder and cone activities, focusing more on tightening up footwork along with general coordination. The first half of the lesson generally covered the same ground as Wednesday’s lesson. […]

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Beyond the Southpaw (diary entry)

muay thai

14.08.19   My regular Wednesday client had a special extended lesson tonight, where we focused more on switch-hitting. We specifically looked at fighting from a southpaw perspective and countering a southpaw from an orthodox stance. This is something I will also address in tomorrow’s lesson with my other client’s new course on sparring.   The lesson began with some more work on the agility ladders. I added in a shifting/pendulum movement and also focused moving in and out an attack […]

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Switch-Hitting (diary entry)

Balmoral Special

03.08.19   Saturday’s lesson saw the conclusion of this client’s specific course on stand-up fighting. We have been looking to better develop a stronger all-round Western Boxing and Kickboxing/Muay Thai skills with my client. Although we covered the material I wanted to on this course, the next block will include some extra work on countering the southpaw. Today’s lesson was all about switch-hitting.   We began with some dynamic stretching and then onto our recent regular routine of agility/coordination training. […]

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