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Bring on the Elbows! (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)

15.11.2021 The eighth hour of my client couple’s course on the clinch brought in elbow strikes. For the benefit of at least one of the two clients we isolated elbow strikes than looked at their place in the clinch or even in combinations. After our standard warm-up of sport-specific dynamic stretching, callishenics and shadow boxing, we went through the following techniques: Major Elbow Strikes Horizontal Elbow – Popularly delivered off both lead and read arms from mid and close range. […]

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Building a Foundation (diary entry)

coaching juniors 1

11.11.2021 After last lesson’s taster of Mixed Martial Arts, my new junior client has opted to train in Muay Thai/Kickboxing for the remaining nine hours of his course. We focused on setting up the classic modern Muay Thai stance, which is square on, and coninued work on the teep, jab and cross. I also introduced spear knee strikes both in the warm-up and in the final intensive section of the lesson as well the lead hook punch. We worked on […]

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Clinching from Kick-Catches (diary entry)

kick catch 4

08.11.2021 Hour seven of my couple client’s course on the Muay Thai clinch brought kick-catching together with the clinch. We looked at countering after having a kick caught. We began with the simple drag down and then we covered clinching to break and knee strike. All of this was preceded with a revision of upright Muay Thai grappling and knee strikes. We finished 3 x 2 minute rounds of clinch-specific sparring. Services

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Kick Catching & Notes on Different Footwork (diary entry)

kick catch

01.11.21 The sixth hour of my client couple’s course on Muay Thai clinch took a detour into kick catching. We covered methods for catching kicks, how to follow up a kick catch and finally sweeps from the kick catch that brought us into line with last lesson’s sweeps in the clinch. We began with a warm-up where I decided to provide a litte comparison between Muay Thai and Western Boxing footwork. It’s something that I have become increasingly aware of […]

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Full Thai Clinch (diary entry)


04.10.2021 Monday night’s first private lesson saw my first couple enter their third hour on the clinch. Tonight we brought together everything covered in the previous lesson and confirmed three of the four major knee strikes, the two main clinching positions and clinch escapes. This will be before we start looking more into how safely enter the clinch and tactics for breaking from the clinch as well as sweeps in future classes. After we drilled positioning, footwork and striking I […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Clinch (diary entry)

mikael 2

28.09.2021 Hour five of my client 11 hour teacher development programme looked at the Muay Thai clinch. We ran through various compliant drills for technique development and then into specific sparring. The lesson focused on building on the various composite parts of the Muay Thai clinch, isolating and then integrating them. The objective was develop through compliant partner work switching intensity to a competitive format and then back into flow drilling before eventually building to full clinch-based sparring. Warm-up, including […]

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Curved Knees & The Collar/Elbow Tie (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)

27.09.2021 The second hour of my couple clients’ course on the Thai clinch proceeded from the warm-up into plum position revision. They partnered off to work forward, backward, lateral and angling footwork, working on push/pull setups to break each other’s posture. Then we layered in the spear and diagonal knee strikes on a one-for-one basis. I then held the Thai focus mitts for working these particular knee strikes in the clinch. We then moved onto the collar and elbow clinch […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Muay Thai Sparring (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 08.31.44

22.09.21 Hour four of my client’s teacher development course for sparring moved into the kickboxing range. This was for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We focused on layering in Muay Thai teeps, round kicks, shin-checks and scooping blocks over the western boxing previous covered. Feedback Consultation: My client reported that attack versus defence specific sparring worked well on the whole with his class. Most students felt more confident with this boxing sparring once they could proactively defend. However, there […]

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Muay Thai Clinch Course Begins (diary entry)


21.09.21 Monday night’s lesson saw my client couple begin their course in the clinch for Muay Thai. We thought it best to start at the beginning as one of the two clients has not covered this area before and no one is above basics anyway, including yours truly. So, after a warm-up geared towards aspects of grappling as well as strikes I introduced the main knee strikes. These were performed as line work and also as muscle activation exercises. This […]

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Three Hours Private Lesson(s) (diary entry)

shin block

18.09.21 Saturday’s private lesson brought my new client up to the five hour mark of his course on Basic Muay Thai. At his request, I trained two adults and and two children over three hours on Muay Thai fundamentals. Lesson One – First lesson was a beginner lesson for an adult with some prior experience, focusing on use of the teep, basic footwork, shin-checks, teep scooping interception, covers, parries, jab, straight right and the rear leg round kick. We began […]

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Muay Thai Basics (diary entry)

kick to pads

13.09.21 My second lesson of the evening was my new client’s second hour of his first Muay Thai course. He has requested more mobility and flexibility training on top of my individual technique development. After a warm-up of mobility and dynamic stretching exercises, we focused on using a four angle directional drill to develop better technique delivery on the move. We began with the jab, angling off and then punching. This was followed by the teep where we took some […]

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New Kickboxing Course (diary entry)

pad coaching

09.09.21 I began  my new client’s Kickboxing/Muay Thai course. After a warm-up of dynamic stretching and some basic footwork exercises, we began on the focus mitts. This started with the lead leg teep. Here I assessed form and balance. Next we moved onto the jab forwards and backwards before changing to the double jab and introducing the straight right. Finally the rear leg round kick to leg was taught. These then was put into a series of combinations.   Services […]

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Switch-Kicks & Switch-Hitting (diary entry)

kick catch 4

23.08.21 Hour seven of my couple client’s course on switch-hitting in kickboxing combined the action of the switch-kick with the tactic of switch-hitting. Usually the switch-kick only momentarily switches their stance in order to put more power into their lead leg. There are variations, such as the step-kick and the “no-switch” switch-kick, but the traditional switch-kick doesn’t really commit to a stance change and fighters are trained not to change levels as it will telegraph the kick. However, in this […]

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The Southpaw Offensive (diary entry)

southpaw combo

19.07.21 Monday night was hour two of my couple’s 10 hour course on switch-hitting in kickboxing. We warmed up with the three-part switch-hitting drill, consisting of transitioning from orthodox to southpaw and from southpaw to orthodox using punches and kicks. Then we focused entirely on fighting from southpaw and using two combinations that helped to develop the strategy. A good early plan in southpaw fighting is to position your lead foot outside your opponent’s. There are many other options than […]

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The Last Three Combinations (diary entry)

muay thai small

28.06.21 As my couple clients reached the final part of their last course on rhythm and flow combinations I set them a task to select three they wished to nail in this session. We are continuing and concluding the integration phase introduced in the previous lesson where the combinations would form part of their freestyle work. Next week we will be starting a new journey looking at switch-hitting and fight tactics and strategies. My clients had 12 rounds to spend […]

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All 14 Combinations over 4 Rounds (diary entry)


07.06.21 Monday night saw my couple clients tackle their seventh hour with a second go at all 14 combinations. This time they switched roles as to who was taking the even number combos and who was taking the odd numbers. We also kept it confined to 4 x 10 minute rounds, which was a practice we undertook during the Zoom lockdown sessions. Round 1 – Warm Up – Dynamic Stretching and Callisthenics Round 2 – Combinations 1-4 Round 3 – […]

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