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Sparring Drills Continue (diary entry)

low kick jamie

03.10.19 Thursday night brought my client up to the seven and a half hour point of his course on stand-up sparring. Tonight we built on previous Muay Thai sparring drills with some Western Boxing influences. We warmed up with mirror footwork, which was followed by three sets of pad-work. The first set looked at Western Boxing attacks and defences against kicks. The second added to this teeps and knees. The final set added in round kicks. We then commenced with […]

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Round Knees and Back Kicks (diary entry)

curve knee

23.08.19 Monday night saw the completion of my client’s Basic Course in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We revised all the material covered in previous lessons – focusing on the round knee and sweeps – and I introduced the back kick. Training began with a warm-up circuit of agility/coordination exercises. These footwork drills allowed for an autonomous selection of various techniques that can be thrown on angle and made use of both the ladders and cones. We then […]

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Sparring Drills (diary entry)

low kick

14.09.19 My first Saturday morning client completed his sixth hour in stand-up striking. We have decided to keep this course within the stand-up striking range and concentrate on MMA in the next course. Warm-ups consisted of agility and coordination work. We moved through the ladders, increasing step cadence and working off angles. The cones allowed for L-steps, V-steps and switch-hitting. Then we went into one-for-one partner warm-ups. This included teep exchanges, jab exchanges and combination exchanges before moving onto focus […]

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Hip Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

muay thai small

11.09.19   My Wednesday night duo of nephew and uncle worked on hip throws and MMA sparring concepts respectively. The junior lesson also revised all three lines of attack covered in previous lessons. The senior lesson was divided up into timed rounds.   The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics. We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, revising two-on-ones and various entries. Next I introduced the hip throw. This is the basic no-gi version of what Judo would call an […]

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The Elbow Strikes Back! (diary entry)

elbow strike

02.09.19 Monday saw my client reach the eighth hour of a 10 hour course on Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we focused on elbow strikes. The lesson began with some mirror foot-work. We worked within a more enclosed area to keep the fight at close range. Elbows are best suited to this range for obvious reasons, although Muay Thai also uses them in flying attacks. Before introducing these techniques, we trained teeps, shin checks, teep scoops, kick-catches, […]

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10 Rounds of Stand-up Fighting (diary entry)

muay thai

29.08.19   We covered the third hour of my client’s course on Sparring Conditioning. We are currently focusing on the stand-up range (Boxing and Muay Thai). Today we ramped our training up to 10 x 3 minute rounds with one minute breaks to focus on specific areas.   The lesson began with dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics. We then did ladder agility drills and agility cone drills to develop footwork. The lesson then went into the 10 rounds.   […]

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Body-Locks & Pacing (diary entry)

body clinch

28.08.19 The junior lesson today focused on under-hooking. The senior lesson looked at riding the storm in Muay Thai and timing calm resting periods in between flurries of strikes. The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics and dynamic stretching. Then we did grappling specific ladder drills, including hip switches and double-leg takedown entries. Next we clinched with some basic bulling on the collar and elbow tie. From here we focused on the over-hook/under-hook position and did a pummelling warmup drill. […]

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Vagabond Warriors August 2019 (diary entry)

vagabond warriors august 2019

25.08.19   Vagabond Warriors cross training workshop focused on Muay Thai today. We trained in various examples of how the art can create useful attributes for Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defence. As is always the procedure, we fully immersed ourselves in the art and looked at adaptation later.   The main areas I suggested and coached today as being rich sources of cross-training material were the blending of ranges in combinations, general brutal efficiency and powerful low kicks.   Training […]

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Attack Lines (diary entry)

single leg 2

21.08.19   Tonight’s junior lesson introduced another attack from the two-on-one for stand-up grappling as well as foot sweeps and the senior lesson went over some core material to be covered in Sunday’s Vagabond Warriors Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.   The junior lesson began with agility ladder warm-ups, this time including double leg takedown drills. We followed this with bulling/collar and elbow tie, where we continued our work from the two-on-one. It was important to ensure this […]

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Flowing Under Pressure (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)

19.08.19   Reaching the fifth hour of my client’s first course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training it was important to bring in more resistance and to promote more fluidity between techniques. We worked on basic combinations, drawing connections between different techniques and also worked on close range fighting.   The lesson began with a warm-up on the agility ladders before we paired off for some punching practice. We built up the 4 punch combination with a […]

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Exiting July with a Teep (diary entry)


31.07.19   Wednesday night the nephew and uncle double lesson got underway with lowline takedowns for the junior section and advanced Muay Thai combination work for the senior section.   Both classes warmed up on the agility ladders and cones. The senior lesson included some revision on the L-Step and V-step work. We also looked at using other technique suggestions. The junior class also used the cones to set up for a sprawl double-leg takedown combination. Here we addressed the […]

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Using the Arms in Muay Thai (diary entry)

chamber kick

muay t29.07.19   My client’s third lesson Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training on Monday dealt with creating a strong connection and defence when throwing basic combinations. We covered teeps and round kicks off either the jab or jab/cross combination.   The lesson began with agility ladders, working basic footwork drills, building to more complicated positioning. This was then progressed on the agility cones where we worked the L-Step and the V-Step.   We then moved onto the […]

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Creating Good Fight Behaviours Early (diary entry)

high guard

22.07.19   Monday evening brought my new client up to the second hour of her Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training lesson. We moved onto the focus mitts and I introduced my client to teep counters, low round kick counters and the low round kick.   The lesson began with a warm-up on the agility ladders. This was followed by some mirror footwork with an exchange of punches and teeps. The idea with this type of partner warm-up is […]

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High Guard Base (diary entry)

cover checking

06.07.19   I began Saturday with my first client reaching the five and a half hour mark of his course on Stand-up Striking. Last week we worked a lot on Western Boxing with a particular emphasis on the high guard and a transition to what might be considered its polar opposite, the Philly Shell. This lesson we focused on Muay Thai but also brought a mix of guards – peek-a-boo, long guard, helmet guard and Thai peek-a-boo. The high guard […]

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Lead Hooks & Round Kicks (diary entry)

hook punch

10.06.19   Monday night’s private lesson began my client’s new course on stand-up fighting. We will be exploring Muay Thai, Western Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts stand-up range over a 10 hour period. I will be looking to strengthen personal weaknesses in my client’s style, introduce new techniques, tactics and strategies as well as work on such areas as southpaw fighting.   After a callisthenic and dynamic stretching warm-up we began with mirror footwork and then isolated head movement before […]

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Sparring to Collect Data (diary entry)

low kick jamie

05.06.19 Wednesday night saw my junior client finish his long and extended course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. Next week we will begin his Clinch/Stand-up Grappling course. The senior class that follows was largely based on stand-up sparring – Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. The junior class consisted of 6 x 3 minute rounds of Boxing and Muay Thai. The first two were on the focus mitts and the next four were sparring. We went over […]

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