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Muay Thai Sweeps (diary entry)


25.10.21 Hour five of my two clients’ Muay Thai clinch course looked at sweeps. I always found sweeps in Muay Thai to be a tricky subject. They have to be subtle as so many aspects are not permitted and it has to be remembered that, despite the fact that clinching is a major part of the modern sport, Muay Thai is mainly about striking. Therefore sweeps and trips have to be very much about using momentum and often in conjunction […]

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More Oblique Kicking (diary entry)


22.08.18   My client’s current programme of revisiting basic Muay Thai focused mainly on the oblique kick. This was formally introduced towards the end of last week’s technical lesson.   The warm-up consisted of a series of isolated line-work. We built up individual punches, then punching combinations and then punch/kick/knee/elbow combinations. This moved us onto partner work, where we focused on the clinch. We revised the set-ups for sweeps and diagonal knee-strikes.   Then we began work on the oblique […]

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Sweep and Oblique (diary entry)

oblique kick

15.08.18   Tonight we continued with my clients series of lessons on Muay Thai revision. We are going right back to basic combinations, boiling movement concepts down and looking at certain patterns. This is part refinement of techniques, part layering of new information.   The warm-up consisted of a series of specific exercises designed to promote better body mechanics, speed, muscle memory and general strength conditioning for Muay Thai. We began with mirror and line footwork, along with a little […]

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