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Knees and Clinch (diary entry)

Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling

06.07.17   Tonight my client reached the seven and a half hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We focused specifically on knee strikes and the clinch. The lesson began with some dynamic stretching, footwork and shadow boxing before moving straight onto knee strikes.   We revised the straight and diagonal knee strikes, looking at rhythm and range. Effective knee strikes in Muay Thai work best with flow, which we spent […]

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The Power of Negative Training (diary entry)

impact (smaller)

01.07.17   This morning, my client reached the six hour point of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training.  We spent a lot of time looking at fundamental principles of movement and positioning. My aim was to bring in knee strikes, which is a natural choice of short-range techniques to follow on from last lesson’s elbow strikes. However, in order to do this I needed to feel confident my client had a strong delivery […]

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Teep and Round Kick – Execution & Countering (diary entry)

shin block

15.06.17   Tonight’s lesson on basic Muay Thai for martial arts cross training brought us up to the three hour mark. We focused further incorporating round kicks into basic combinations as well as working on some of the finer details of execution.   We warmed up with some specific mobility exercises and calisthenics. This began with the simply arm and waist rotations, moving onto the Indian press-up (dands). This excellent exercise is usually reserved for grappling – being a staple […]

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Muay Thai Footwork and Beginning Kicks (diary entry)

shin block

08.06.17   Tonight began my client’s first hour and a half of a projected 10 hour course on Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This is his third course with me, having previously studied self-protection and western boxing for martial arts cross training.   We began with basic Muay Thai footwork. Muay Thai’s footwork resembles Western Boxing to a certain extent. Both cover the same ranges and angles. Both have drop steps and both used a lot of […]

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Boxing Under Pressure (diary entry)

25/05/17   Tonight’s lesson brought us up to the nine hour mark of a basic course in western boxing for martial arts cross training. Therefore, this is the penultimate lesson in this course. Next time we will be taking our training back to the self-defence line. Tonight our focus was on bringing all the boxing training together and progressively applying it under pressure. I don’t hold with the false notion that if you teach the art precisely the student will […]

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Over and Under Punches (diary entry)

18.05.17   Tonight’s lesson brought my client up to the seven and a half hour mark in his 10 hour course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. After revision we looked up and under punches – namely the lead hand anchor punch (made famous by Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson), the rear overhand (David Tua, Ernie Shavers and MMA’s favourite knockout punch) and the liver and spleen shots (so beloved of Ricky Hatton and Bas Rutten). These […]

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Modern Boxing’s Hook (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker (small)

06.05.17   Today’s lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training brought my client up to the four and a half hour mark in his scheduled 10 hour course. We primarily focused on the hook punch, but also revised previous lesson techniques and introduced the uppercut.   We began with our standard boxing footwork warm-up using agility markers and partner training. We then moved onto the focus mitts and drilling jabs, crosses, bobbing and slipping. Modern western boxing […]

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Moving the Body to the Target (diary)

John lines Jamie up for right cross

29.04.17   My client completed his second and third hour of my course on basic western boxing for martial arts cross-training. We warmed up with a revision of jabbing and footwork drills – including slipping, the shuffle, angulation and stance switching – before getting onto the cross.   The main area of focus today was on moving the entire body to the target. Due to our innate drive to preserve energy and also to view techniques at their extremities – […]

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Grappling with the Law and Black Dogs (diary entry)


08.04.17   Today’s double lesson finished off my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Self-Protection. The material mainly consisted of primal/combat grappling and post-fight strategies.   Grappling is not normally selected for frontline civilian defence. In a high risk situation the priority is usually not to become entangled and to create/maintain distance. However, the civilian needs supporting plans when the striking range deteriorates and anti-grappling is not a viable option. Besides, in order to be able to operate efficiently at […]

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Anti-Grappling Tactics (diary entry)

eye gouge standing

01.04.17   Today’s double lesson consisted of the seventh and eighth hours of my client’s basic course on self-protection. The lesson was begun with a series of relevant movement exercises, using transitioning and striking, and finished with an anti-grappling pressure test from various positions.   Previously we had moved to the threshold of anti-grappling tactics. Our over-arching strategy for a frontline civilian counter-assault is to get back into a strong striking position. Striking is the default trained method for dealing […]

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Transitioning Postures & Hook Punches (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

16.03.17   Tonight’s double session comprised of the third and fourth lesson of my basic self-protection course. We layered the fence by looking at offsetting a potential risk and pre-fight conflict by setting up physical angles. This was followed by revision of lineal rear-hand striking with the addition of referencing targets and incidental combinations with new techniques. Then we moved onto hook strikes and backhand strikes with an early short deviation into multiple threats. Next we covered fighting from different […]

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Self-Protection Ground Zero (diary entry)

Angry Fence to make space

11.03.17 Today’s double lesson was with a new client. He has a background in rugby and traditional martial arts. He has decided to begin his training with me on the 10 lesson basic self-protection course. As covered in the lesson and in previous diary entries on the same subject we began with a discussion on defining self-protection. Self-protection can be divided up into soft skills that we call “personal security” and hard skills we call “self-defence”. Soft skills cover attitude, […]

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