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Principles through Combination Work (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

21.11.19 Thursday night’s second lesson brought my client up to the four hour point on his latest Mixed Martial Arts course. Tonight’s objective was to go over the three striking to grappling combinations covered in last Thursday’s lesson and to begin more work on fighting against the cage as well ground-fighting. We began with mirror footwork followed by one-for-one sparring. We then drilled the plumb position, bulling with the collar and elbow, pummelling under-hooks into takedown entries and then some […]

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Scarf-Hold to Arm Bar Escape & MMA Combinations (diary entry)


20.11.19   Wednesday night’s junior lesson looked more into escapes from scarf-hold and introduced the arm-bar. The senior lesson repeated the combination taught to my client last Thursday and also added in some ground conditioning exercises.   The junior lesson got straight into partner warm-ups. We began with the transitioning pin drill. Then from here we revised escapes from side control and scarf-hold. Returning to scarf-hold, we looked at snaking to a submission. My client was introduced to the arm-bar. […]

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Firing High, Shooting Low (diary entry)

single leg 2

21.10.19   Monday night began my client’s new course on MMA. Having just come off a few stand-up striking orientated courses and we will be looking towards a submission grappling/ground-fighting course in the near future, these lessons will serve as a type of link. I will work a lot on the clinch as this is really the connecting range between stand-up and ground. Tonight we covered using strikes to set up for shoots.   We began with a thorough warm-up […]

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Pin Transitions & MMA Combinations Continue (diary entry)

mma takedown

09.10.19 Junior Basic Submission Grappling and Senior Mixed Martial Arts were Wednesday’s second lessons.  Submission Grappling finished the pinning drill. Mixed Martial Arts revised three combinations from last week’s lesson and introduced a new one as well three rounds of pad-work followed by a round of MMA sparring.   Submission Grappling re-confirmed the pins already covered as well as strong transitioning. Then I introduced the knee-pin, reverse scarf-hold and the mounted position. We went over the importance of filling in […]

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Submissions & MMA Combinations (diary entry)


02.10.19 Wednesday’s second lesson was my regular junior/senior double private class. The junior lesson began my client’s course on submission grappling/ground-training and my senior lesson focused on MMA combination work. I introduced my junior client to ground-fighting with a series of basic specific callisthenics – bear crawls, lizard crawls, seal crawls, monkey crawls and snaking. We then looked at side-control and scarf-hold along with transitioning from these two pins. I also introduced north-south. After a warm-up of focus mitts/belly pad […]

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