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Dutch & Thai Combinations Continue (diary entry)

dutch and thai diary

05.05.20 Tuesday night continued my teaching training as we continued to blend Dutch Kickboxing concepts with Muay Thai. Tonight we delved deeper into the Thai clinching side. The lesson began with the routine warm-up of kick exchanges, building to double kick exchanges and finally the 1,2,3 semi-free sparring that has been covered in previous diary entries. Framing, pawing setups and posting are now all par for the course. Emphasis was now placed on improving footwork and timing. The Dutch area […]

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Low Kicks, Double Legs and the Americana (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.05.20   The eighth hour of this client’s current course in Mixed Martial Arts training continued in lockdown. My client is self-isolated with a partner who has agreed to train with us. Tonight we spent time working on some low-kick combinations, two versions of the double leg takedown and Americana from side control.   We began with our usual warm up of dynamic stretching and sport-specific callisthenics. My two clients then partnered off for some footwork. This was followed by […]

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Check, Check, Check (diary entry)

shin block

10.03.20   Tuesday night’s teacher training continued with our Dutch Kickboxing inspired drills. These are aggressive flow drills designed to promote faster counters as well as using Western Boxing combinations to set up kicks and vice versa.   We went through last week’s triple combination flow drill and then we looked at using the shin-check to launch a counter.   The first two combinations were counters to a low round kick. The check is a technique that should be used […]

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New Pads, Harder Kicks! (diary entry)


03.03.20   Tuesday night’s second class was my teacher training client. We used Dutch Kickboxing as inspiration for a series of drills to promote a more aggressive approach to our close-quarter fighting as well as more free flow at the new range and the chaining of kicks with punching combinations.   We began with back and forth kicking. This drill is designed to prompt a fast response to receiving a kick. Each kick should be delivered as soon as the […]

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Another Stand-up Grappling Course Begins (diary entry)

body clinch

clinch12.06.19 Wednesday night’s double lesson began with a junior lesson on the clinch/stand-up grappling and was followed by a senior lesson mainly concerned with Muay Thai. The junior lesson introduced break-falls, rolls and the collar and elbow tie. Then we moved onto the first official technique: the outer reap throw. As I have previously discussed with clients who have just begun their clinch/stand-up grappling courses, getting students familiar with rolling and falling is an essential foundation to this range. Not […]

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