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Position before Punching (diary entry)

footwork drills

09.02.19   My two junior clients arrived at the eighth hour of their course on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. They are showing a lot of great progress and have clearly been putting the work in. This was my second lesson of the day. We went over 11 punch combination, uppercuts, body shots and general positioning.   The warm up consisted of partner-work, where the two junior fighters coached each other. They began with footwork and then […]

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Body Shots Continue (diary entry)


04.10.18   Tonight was my client’s eighth lesson in Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued our work on body shots and combinations.   The lesson began with mirror footwork, building on slipping, ducking and rolling. We had a brief detour into footwork, correcting certain areas and looking at the L-step and V-step. I recommended Willie Pep for a good example of using footwork effectively. We then used the jab to set up all the basic punches […]

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MMA at Kingham Hill

impact (smaller)

13.06.18   Today’s lesson at Kingham Hill School shifted our attention from self-defence to Mixed Martial Arts. It was time to look at this training in earnest and within the context of the mainstream sport. We warmed up with a series of aerobic specific training exercises – blitz running, reaction direction test, sprawl/knee burpees, snaking/shrimping and bear crawls.   I then taught the jab from a Western Boxing perspective. This technique sets up a tremendous amount and its importance cannot […]

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