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Lockdown in Lockdown (diary entry)

electric chair diary

24.11.20 My second lesson of the night was my teacher consultancy lesson, where we continued our work from the half-guard. This time we moved into the lockdown half-guard position and transitioned into the electric chair position. The lockdown is a technique used for immobilising an opponent’s leg caught in the fighter’s half-guard postion. The concept is to compromise the opponent’s balance and set them up for a sweep or submission off the other side. The electric chair involves trapping the […]

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Testing Half-Guard (diary entry)


03.11.18   This morning I reached the seven and a half hour point of my client’s further course in Mixed Martial Arts. This two hour lesson spent extra time looking at the half-guard from a submission grappling perspective and then when it is integrated into MMA.   We began with mirror footwork, building up into various drills from different ranges. This included underhook pummelling into takedowns, neck-wrestling into strikes and bulling (collar and elbow tie) into breakaway punching combinations. We […]

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Half-Guard Continues – Lockdown work begins (diary entry)


13.10.18   This morning we reached the five and a half hour point of this current further course on Mixed Martial Arts. Work on the half-guard continued and we covered a lot of material.   The warm-up consisted of a series of progressive sparring exercises. Working through the MMA ranges we began from cold with compliant, freestyle drilling. This built up to light specific sparring on the ground, including striking.   The bulk of the lesson concerned going through popular […]

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Half-Guard for MMA Begins (diary entry)


half 06.10.18 This morning we reached the four hour point of my client’s second Mixed Martial Arts course. As well as a revision of all material previously covered and some extra time spent wrestling, the focus of the lesson was on the half-guard. We also had a look at the single-hook back mount. The lesson began with mirror footwork, which was built on with changing levels, prompts for slipping, rolling, ducking and sprawling. Targeting came into play before we began […]

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