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Edged Weapon Injuries and Defence Strategy (diary entry)

knife and edged weapon webinar

16.02.21 Tuesday night continued and concluded the soft skills knife and edged weapon awareness programme that I have been delivering as a private lesson prior to the public course this Sunday. Last week and this week I have taught it as part of my teaching consultancy private lessons. Tonight we looked the nature of edged weapon injuries – lacerations, puncture wounds and incisions/slashing injuries. We also covered the effects of blood loss for such injuries. The soft skill section was […]

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Knife and Edged Awareness Programme (diary entry)

knife edged weapon webinar

09.03.21 Tuesday night saw my teacher consultancy become the first time I have taught my Knife and Edged Awareness Programme online. I first qualified as a senior KEWAP instructor 2011 and have renewed/updated this qualification on an almost annual basis. Its soft skills research for the UK is second to none and therefore my decision to make it part of my weapon defence programme made perfect sense. I will be teaching a trilogy of webinars on edged weapon awareness and […]

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Weapon Awareness & Defence at Kingham (diary entry)

blunt weapon

11.12.19   On Wednesday lunchtime I was booked for one extra lesson at Kingham Hill School to round off the term. We touched upon weapon awareness and accessing exit points. It is important to note that this one hour lesson is in no way a substitute for the full Weapon Awareness bolt-on courses I offer.   We began with a warm-up using weapons to promote good body mechanics and the relevant movements for later practice. We then went back to […]

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Trapping with Weapons (diary entry)

body clinch

The ninth lesson in my client’s course on weapons for martial arts cross-training brought onto aspects of trapping, dirty boxing and whatever name one can use to describe vertical gripping and striking. Weapon work lends itself well to developing these empty hand attributes. We warmed up using stick-on-stick drills, moving back onto revisions for entanglement and takedowns. On revising some flow drills, we explored several variations and led onto trapping in earnest. We then applied pressure and moved onto a […]

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Weapon Evasion to Engagement (diary entry)


22.07.15 The sixth in the CCMA course on weapons for martial arts cross training was a revision of the past five lessons, moving into grappling with striking. We began using the single and double sticks, moving through postures and varying angle patterns as part of the warm-up. Then we moved onto evasive movements against the sticks and the knife I introduced a simple pivoting response to attack incoming slashes with the knife and then built on it with unarmed strikes […]

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