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Knee Pin & Spinning Kicks (diary entry)


04.05.19   Saturday morning’s first lesson brought my client up to the six hour point of his specially tailored course dedicated to stand-up striking and submission grappling. This we began with the lesson with submission grappling, looking at defences from the knee-pin whilst the second half was concerned with spinning kicks.   We began with a series of ground callisthenics, focusing a lot on movements from underneath. Then we drilled defensive movement from under a pin transition drill. This was […]

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Spin Kicks & Escaping the Knee Pin (diary etnry)

Striking from the knee pin1

01.05.2019 Wednesday evening saw the nephew and uncle team respectively cover Muay Thai back-kicks, spinning kicks and sparring, and Submission Grappling escapes from the knee-pin into x-guard. It was an exceptionally productive and fruitful two lessons.   The junior lesson began with some work on eliminating delays between punch and kick combinations. Muay Thai’s rhythmic delivery method is particularly effective in this respect. From here we went through the basic combinations and counters covered over the past series of lessons. […]

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Stand-up & Ground Fighting (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small)

27.03.19   Tonight the nephew and uncle team continued work in Muay Thai and MMA top position ground-fighting. The former addressed improving combination work, introduced the spinning elbow and back kick, whereas the latter worked on developing positions and striking set-ups for submissions.   The junior lesson began with a walk through of punch-kick combinations and clinch-work. Then we moved onto kick-catching and counters. This led us onto the spinning elbow set-up. We used this off a jab, off a […]

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