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Jump Push Kicks, Knee Bombs, Side Control Reversals & Half-Guard Lockdowns (diary entry)


15.04.19   Monday night began the first lesson of my client’s specially tailored martial arts cross training course. The course will focus half on stand-up striking and half on ground-fighting. Unlike most lessons and cross-training courses, these areas will be unconnected and will not be united by a single theme. Rather they are areas the client, now a two year veteran of my teaching method, has specifically selected. We began with a look at the jumping push kick and the […]

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Counters plus Knee Bombs and Jumping Kicks (diary entry)

shin block

29.08.18   Continuing with my long-time client’s revision on Muay Thai, we expanded on the basic combinations by looking at counters as a means for re-introducing more advanced techniques.   The warm-up went straight to line-work. We started with the upper body, training straight punches and then adding on hooks and elbows. Next we linked in oblique kicks, teeps, round kicks and knees, off both the front and back legs, gradually increasing the height of the kicks.   Then we […]

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