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Junior Grappling/Senior Muay Thai (diary entry)

pawing long guard thai

27.10.21 Tonight my junior client began looking at the clinch into ground submission work. My senior class continued looking at set-ups for overhand rights and rear round kicks. Areas he needs to work on with my junior client include wrestling attack and defence as well leg-locks. Due to his age, I am always concerned about any form of joint manipulation work. He is to execute full submissions on adult coaches and training partners but only to receive strong positional techniques […]

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Knee Bar from Below (diary entry)

knee bar from bottom 3

15.12.20 My teacher consultancy lesson continued work on the knee-bar. This included a revision of the front and back spinning knee-bars from the top position before we began work with the knee bar from the bottom position. In this latter instance we began from the half-guard shell. This is quite a big departure from the lockdown style of fighting we were using when previously attacking from the half-guard. The half-guard shell uses more a knee and shin sheild to frame […]

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Forward and Backward Spinning Knee Bars (diary entry)

knee bar lesson mary charlie diary 2

08.12.20 Tuesday night saw my teacher consultancy continue work on attacking with knee bars in the half-guard position. We are currently looking at these techniques from the top position and covered two attacks with two submissions. Of the knee bar attacks we did two grip variations – the basic chest hug grip and the behind-the-shoulder grip. I have provided a link below that shows a third grip variation I didn’t cover, the choke-hold grip. The other submission was the toe-hold […]

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Attacking the half-guard (diary entry)

mary charlie diary

01.12.20 Tuesday’s last lesson: my teaching consultancy focused on attacking the half-guard. We began with a look at using the principles of a simple combat base guard pass in a regular closed guard and then applied it to half-guard. From here we looked at pressuring past the knees and then moved onto the fairly universal needle and thread guard-pass. Next we moved onto spinning knee-bar from the top position against half-guard.

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Arm Bars from Guard, Dirty Boxing & MMA Turtle


29.01.20   Wednesday evening’s junior course in Submission Grappling progressed with the arm-bar from guard whilst the senior Mixed Martial Arts lesson combined takedowns with Dirty Boxing and focused on the turtle position for MMA.   We warmed up with guard position callisthenics and mobility exercises. These included variations of snaking/shrimping, hip raise arm-bars and triangles, and upas. We then went straight to closed guard and looked at the set up for the arm-bar. Hip movement is crucial throughout the […]

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Turtle Knee Bar (diary)

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17.12.19 Tuesday night’s fifth hour of my client’s second course on Submission Grappling continued work on the back position – this time defending – and also went back over the omoplata. We warmed up with ground callisthenics – Indian press-ups, horizontal squats, lizard press-ups, upas, snaking on the spot and sit-outs. Then we moved onto the turtle position. Previously we were focusing on the back mount. This time we looked at means for closing down this attack. From the turtle […]

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Escapes, Sweeps & Knee-Bars


12.12.19     On Thursday night ran my client’s final lesson in my junior course of Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. We looked at escapes from the north-south, knee pin, reverse scarf-hold and the full mount pins as well as executing knee-bars from the top and bottom of half-guard.     The lesson began with static only exercises for muscle activation. These consisted of a full range of top and bottom ground-fighting callisthenics.     Escapes from north south and knee pin were […]

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Spin Kicks & Escaping the Knee Pin (diary etnry)

Striking from the knee pin1

01.05.2019 Wednesday evening saw the nephew and uncle team respectively cover Muay Thai back-kicks, spinning kicks and sparring, and Submission Grappling escapes from the knee-pin into x-guard. It was an exceptionally productive and fruitful two lessons.   The junior lesson began with some work on eliminating delays between punch and kick combinations. Muay Thai’s rhythmic delivery method is particularly effective in this respect. From here we went through the basic combinations and counters covered over the past series of lessons. […]

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