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Submissions from Knee-Pin (diary entry)


09.06.2023 The penultimate hour of my teacher client from UKASKO Cotswolds’ first course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting. This morning we focused on attacking from the knee-pin (knee-on-belly). Our warm-up, as per usual, consisted of various crawls and ground fighting muscle activation exercises followed by the pin-flow patterns without and then with some resistance. We then went straight to the knee-pin and began with attacking the arm. Whenever an Americana armlock is available, it’s always good to go for it and […]

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Heat-Seeking Kimura & Knee-Pin Escape (diary entry)

Jack H Kimura

  26.05.2023 Friday morning’s lesson brought my teacher client from USKO Cotswolds onto hour eight of his submission grappling/ground fighting course. We finished off the north-south pin work by linking it with the previous two pins and then I introduced escaping the knee-pin. For the former I used the heat-seeking Kimua, which is a great way introduce the versatility of this arm-lock whilst demonstrating the importance of being able to transition between pins. The sequence starts in side control with […]

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North South Attacks (diary entry)


19.05.2023 Friday morning’s lesson brought my teacher client from USKO Cotswolds onto hour seven of his submission grappling/ground fighting course. We focused on attacking from the north south pin. After our warm-up sport specific and muscle activation crawls and the pin transitioning drill, we moved onto a Kimura submission. This time we used a straight arm-lock setup with the head to perform the Kimura lock from a geneflect position. Next, we moved onto the north south choke and then the Darce […]

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North South Defence (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2023-05-16 at 12.35.25

12.05.2023 Friday morning brought my teacher client from USKO Cotswolds onto hour  six of his submission grappling/ground fighting course. We looked at defending the north south pin with two counters from dog-fight position. I also introduced an attack that we will continue with next lesson. The session began with the usual dynamic stretching, muscle activation and sport specific crawling exercises. Then we went back to our pattern base with the pin transitioning performed both as a muscle memory exercise and […]

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Stack-Pass, Hip-Bump Sweep & Kimura from Guard (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 11.40.49

04.07.2022 The ninth hour of my couple clients’ submission grappling course moved onto one more pass, a sweep and a submission. We kept everything from the close-range guard, passing a closed guard and sweeping and submitting from an open close-range guard. As usual the lesson began with a warm-up of dynamic stretches and muscle activation/muscle memory exercises. We covered the standard stack-pass. Rather than using the hip-pin standard get up strategy we used in our first pass, we went for […]

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Submission Revision (diary entry)


16.05.2022 Hour three of my couple clients’ course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting became a technical revision of the material covered in the previous lesson. After a warm-up of various crawls (training specific exercises for ground fighting) I watched them go back over the pinning transition drill and the three submissions from side control: Americana, Kimura, Snake Choke and Arm Triangle. We also went over the scarf-hold versions of these submissions. Takeaway Points from the Lesson: When learning these submissions, always […]

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Attacks from Side Control (diary entry)

side control 2

09.05.2022 The second hour of my couple clients’ course on submission grappling/ground fighting looked at two arm-locks and two chokes from side control. We began the lesson with sport specific exercises and appropriate muscle activation. Then we revised the pin flow drill clockwise and anticlockwise around the body. Next we moved onto the four submissions. I usually teach the Americana first but thought to take advantage of the standard position adopted by the person being pinned in the flow drill. […]

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Closed Guard in MMA & Passing the Knee Shield (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing4

23.03.2022 My final two lessons on Wednesday were my junior MMA and senior submission grappling lessons. In the former we went through standard defences from the back in the MMA. In order of priority mixed martial artists seek to escape, to sweep, to submit from guard. The advantages of gravity offered to a striker makes the guard a much more dangerous place in mixed martial arts compared to submission grappling. We looked at the hip-out escape to the feet, drilled […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Submissions (diary entry)

Guard Teacher Development (1)

23.11.2021 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my teacher development programme, booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom, to a conclusion for this year. This was an extra 12th hour added on in order to better round off the ground-figthing/submission grappling section. Fortunately due to the experience, knowledge and adaptability of my client and his assistant teacher, we have been able to cover a surprising amount of material. Tonight we finished off the top position with some work on arm-locks […]

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Top Surfing and Escaping (diary entry)


03.11.20 Tuesday night’s third and final lesson was my teacher consultation class. Matters moved in a totally different direction as my client now has her lockdown daughter present for partner training. Despite my client having an excellent background and level of experience in submission grappling, I was asked to cover this topic as a means of refreshing information and providing an insight into my approach to this area. We went through my clockwise and anti-clockwise pin drill. This is a […]

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Heat-Seeking Kimura (diary entry)

tracey lee 8

26.09.20 Saturday evening saw more teacher consultancy. I trained two martial arts teachers occupying the same bubble, continuing their ground fighting. We transitioned through pins and then focused on the kimura. This very important and versatile key-lock can pulled out of a variety of different positions, and the grip itself is a very effective submission grappling tool. Single areas covered included standing, from closed guard and reverse scarf-hold. We also performed what one of my clients eloquently described as the […]

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Closing up Side Control, Stack Escape & Specific Sparring (diary entry)


28.01.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my client up to the eighth hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. My client was interested in a closer examination of his performance via sparring. We ended up focusing on aspects of attacking from the top and defending against stacking in the guard. The lesson began with an overview of the various ground-fighting callisthenics before going straight into 4 x 2 minute rounds of sparring. This is unusually short for submission grappling which usually […]

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Hip Bump Sweeps, Knee Bumps & Shoulder Bumps in the Guard (diary entry)

kimura hip bump sweep

22.01.20   Wednesday night covered a Junior Submission Grappling course the use of the kimura and basic sweep from the closed guard as well as more Dirty Boxing in MMA, including controlling entry into the clinch and ground-fighting applications.   The junior lesson began with a series of warm-ups for developing ground-fighting fitness. I also introduced specific callisthenics for fighting from the guard. These included kimura crunches, arm-bar and triangle hip raises.   Moving into the closed guard, my junior […]

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Escapes & The Guard (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

21.11.19   Thursday night’s first lesson brought my junior clients up to the seventh hour of their Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We covered a lot of ground tonight, introducing the guard.   The lesson began with a warm-up crawls and snaking followed by transitioning through pins with submissions. Then we drilled escapes from side control and scarf-hold. This brought us onto the guard where we looked at escapes, sweeps and submissions.   The escape taught was the simple hip-out escape. This […]

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More Submissions & Escapes (diary entry)


15.11. 19   My Friday night junior class brought my clients up to the sixth hour of their course on Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. We covered escaping from side control, scarf-hold and the north south positions as well as submissions from knee pin, reverse scarf-hold and mount.   We warmed up with various crawls and sport-specific callisthenics before moving onto pinning transitions. Then we picked up on individual pinning positions and simple submissions. This began with the knee-pin where we set up […]

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First Chokes & Chasing the Kimura (diary entry)


30.10.19   Earlier on Wednesday my schools clients were on their half-term break so I was able to squeeze in my private junior clients for a lunchtime lesson of Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. This brought them up to the fifth hour of their course. Today we looked at three chokes from scarf-hold and north-south, and we also chased the Kimura lock around the body.   We began with movement callisthenics – crawls and snaking. Then we went back through the pinning flow-drills, […]

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