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Junior Muay Thai (diary entry)

coaching juniors 2

06.01.2022 My Thursday night session, bringing my client up to the 6.5 hour point, was divided into two junior lesson. The first lesson was with a primary school aged pupil and the second with a young adolescent. Both have had two week’s private lessons of Muay Thai in Thailand and my job was to continue their education over here. They have a good knowledge of the techniques, but there was still some foundational areas I needed to work on. Firstly, […]

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Muay Thai for All the Family (diary entry)

pad holding

17.10.21 Sunday morning saw the completion of my client’s 10-hour course with an hour each for him and his family. Lesson 1 – Senior Muay Thai – We looked more into chaining kicks together, developing defence and introducing the upper cut and the switch-kick. We first trained using a Dutch style exchange drill and then took it onto the focus mitts. Lesson 2 – Junior Muay Thai – I taught a new student teeps and we worked on better establishing […]

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Working the Lead (diary entry)

High Kick - Kickboxing

02.10.2021 Lessons six and seven of my client’s first course included training an hour senior Muay Thai and then an hour for two juniors. The senior class mainly focused on technique placement and movement against an opponent. We spent a while just looking at the teep and then at the importance of stepping into strong positions. The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds on the focus mitts working through combinations that incorporated the kicks used earlier and each […]

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Beginning Clinch-Work (diary entry)


23.03.19 This morning my junior clients continued into their fourth hour of Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. This lesson introduced the clinch and we also continued work on kick-catching. We warmed up with mobility exercises, dynamic stretching and specific callisthenics before we moved through basic punch, kick and knee combinations. This led us onto kick-catching and the importance of breaking an opponent’s postures. We covered both the cross-arm check from a round kick into a catch and […]

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