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Mount Defence & Jabbing Tactics (diary entry)

Striking from the mounted position1

16.11.2022 These were my last two Wednesday private lessons. My junior MMA client looked specifically at defending from under the full mount position. My senior class focused on the five tactical jabs I covered in Tuesday’s lesson.  The first class began with establishing an adaptable covering defence with bridging and snaking. We discussed the perils of over-bridging when defending the mount where a fighter can end up surrendering their back. Then we looked at different ways to trap the arms […]

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Sparring Teacher Constultancy – Jabs (diary entry)


10.09.21 Tuesday night I continued my teacher consultancy on sparring for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We focused on a run through of boxing, focusing on the jab. Warm-up involving dynmatic stretches and basic techniques.  Jab for jab partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Double jabbing partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Body jabs partner training – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring Footwork jabbing – compliant drilling to specific one-for-one sparring All […]

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Jabs from the Past (diary entry)

Vijay jab lesson 4

22.06.21 Tonight my client at Forest School of Karate booked me to prep for my online guest spot next week. This will be a pretty exciting way to teach to classes under the current restrictions and also going forward for a way for more schools to offer a greater variety of lessons with guest teachers using more media. This lesson will consist of the class following a live streamed lesson onto a projector that they can train along to in […]

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The Jab is Important (diary entry)


01.03.21 Athena School of Karate booked me for a third course this year. We decided to change from Kickboxing/Muay Thai to modern Boxing basics. Each week I will go through a technique, teach its variations and spotlight various fighters who best exemplified its use. This week was the jab, arguably the most important punch in modern Boxing, Muay and MMA. It is and should be the most regularly thrown punch in Boxing as it allows a fighter to control the […]

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Counters in Muay Thai (diary entry)

knee (smaller)

07.10.19   Monday night saw the second hour of my client’s second Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training where we began our focus on countering techniques, tactics and strategies. This culminated in three technique-based rounds of pad-work looking at linear strikes, round strikes and clinching knee strikes.   We began with a warm-up of mirror footwork, one-for-one technique exchanges, agility ladders and agility cones. All these exercises are designed to improve mobility and agility specific to the combat sport. […]

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