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Tighter Combinations, Speed, Power and Restriction

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16.11.20 The second hour of my clients’ current 10 hour course, continued more revision on the set Western Boxing combination began at the end of the last course. The two lockdown partners worked together for partner drills, then on the focus mitts and then I divided them up into restrictive training and kicking. The lesson started with a warm-up of callisthenics, dynamic stretching and line-work. Then we shadowed the complete boxing combinations: pendulum step/jab/cross/pendulum step back/parry/parry/slip/lead hook/roll/spleen shot/roll/liver shot/lead hook. […]

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The “Extra” Tool (diary entry)

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  09.06.20 My client’s second hour of his second MMA course was a technical lesson mainly focused on a grounded heavy bag. However, tonight’s lesson was different in the respect we had the addition of a new adapted tool.   The tool in question was simply a cord my client tied around his heavy bag. This has made drilling and visualising arm positioning a lot easier. We began with a full MMA shadow boxing warm-up. Then we moved onto our transitioning […]

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Ground-Fighting using the Heavy Bag (diary entry)

Heavy bag ground diary

12.05.20 Tuesday’s second lesson brought this client up to the ninth hour of his Mixed Martial Arts course. Unlike Monday’s – who was primarily a kickboxing student – this client has been through several of my different courses and is very familiar with ground work. However, this course has been his first introduction to striking on the ground. Having a free heavy bag in his isolation, we were able to complete his ground-striking drills. I also did some more clinch-work […]

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Quick Transitioning (diary entry)

darce choke

06.04.16 The third in my client’s second course on MMA for martial arts cross training was another extended lesson. Rather than systematically going through the ranges, we moved backwards and forwards on them quite freely. This began with the warm-up, which although started with some standard shadow boxing drills, covered arm-dragging from both clinch and butterfly guard. All ranges were covered, including takedown entries for low level and mid-level takedowns. Here we also covered overloading technique exercises, such as the […]

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Me versus Me: A Short Meditation on Training Solo

the bag

I walk into the old barn. One side, the side where my old kick bag hangs, is part occupied by hardy animals. The other side, the side where my multi-gym stands, is a makeshift garage. The bag was a Christmas gift I received in 1993. It has hung in several different places, but it has remained in its current location for the longest period of time. It now hangs from a ton strap, which enables me to climb the bag […]

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