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Hip Throws & Sparring (diary entry)

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11.09.19   My Wednesday night duo of nephew and uncle worked on hip throws and MMA sparring concepts respectively. The junior lesson also revised all three lines of attack covered in previous lessons. The senior lesson was divided up into timed rounds.   The junior lesson began with wrestling callisthenics. We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, revising two-on-ones and various entries. Next I introduced the hip throw. This is the basic no-gi version of what Judo would call an […]

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Hip Throw Intro (diary entry)

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09.07.19   Tuesday night was the penultimate hour of my client’s Basic Course on the Clinch. We revised much of the previous material, including combination work and takedown defence before I introduced the hip throw.   Training began with break-falls and rolls followed by sprawling and shadowing low level takedowns (double and single leg). We then moved onto bulling and pummelling, drilling outer reap throws, waist-lock takedowns, arm-drags, two-on-ones and suplexes.   The lesson finished with a study of the […]

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