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De-Escalation and Limb Control (diary entry)

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13.12.20 Sunday morning’s teaching consultancy was split into a soft skills section on de-escalation and then some heavy bag work using limb control. For the former we went through information taken from my anti-bullying lesson. We discussed various tactics for defusing incidents at the pre-fight stage. These tactics should always start from a position of strength i.e. the fence must always be en force. From here options include deflections, empathy, separating leaders from groups and simple ignoring. As with all […]

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More Heavy Bag Guided Training (diary entry)

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10.08.20 Monday night’s second lesson was the sixth and final hour of my Danish client’s course. We were back on the heavy bag again. This time I looked at camouflaging heavy techniques, focusing entirely on the liver shot. We put together two combinations – double slip-jab/shove hook liver shot/rear round kick/jab/cross/shovel hook liver shot and jab/rear round kick/feint right/oblique kick to the liver/rear round kick/jab/cross/oblique kick to the liver. This was an asymmetric concept where the fast techniques were used […]

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Heavy Bag Guided Workout (diary entry)

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27.07.20 The course in Denmark continued on Monday with the fourth hour of this six hour course. My client’s daughter was away for this lesson so I taught a heavy bag session. Tonight we began with some simple tips on handling the heavy bag. One good piece of advice I was given by the US teacher, Ron Goin, was to use techniques to stop the bag swinging between combinations. Using a spear elbow, spear knee, a long-guard or a teep […]

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Fighting from the Guard (diary entry)

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23.06.20 Hour four of this client’s second MMA course consisted of 5 x 3 minute rounds of shadow sparring followed by technical work from the guard using the heavy bag. We warmed up with the usual calisthenics and dynamic stretching directly related to MMA before going through the five round. Each round built off the last. We began with Western Boxing then Muay Thai then clinch then ground from the top and finally ground from underneath. Heavy bag work began […]

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The “Extra” Tool (diary entry)

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  09.06.20 My client’s second hour of his second MMA course was a technical lesson mainly focused on a grounded heavy bag. However, tonight’s lesson was different in the respect we had the addition of a new adapted tool.   The tool in question was simply a cord my client tied around his heavy bag. This has made drilling and visualising arm positioning a lot easier. We began with a full MMA shadow boxing warm-up. Then we moved onto our transitioning […]

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Attacking the Back (diary entry)

FreddyScreen Shot 2020-05-22 at 09.33.16

19.05.20 The final part of this particular client’s MMA course was a round-up of most material previously covered with an emphasis on attacking the back on the ground. We began with our normal warm-up of dynamic stretching followed by shadow boxing where I grafted on kicks, takedowns and takedown defence to boxing combinations. This area transitioned from instructional to visualisation. Training switched to the loose heavy bag where we began clinching for knee strikes. Here I coached my client to […]

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Ground-Fighting using the Heavy Bag (diary entry)

Heavy bag ground diary

12.05.20 Tuesday’s second lesson brought this client up to the ninth hour of his Mixed Martial Arts course. Unlike Monday’s – who was primarily a kickboxing student – this client has been through several of my different courses and is very familiar with ground work. However, this course has been his first introduction to striking on the ground. Having a free heavy bag in his isolation, we were able to complete his ground-striking drills. I also did some more clinch-work […]

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