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Will the Chimera Sleep Tonight? (Reflection)

sleeping chimera

I have never really been a great sleeper. As a child, my brain was forever active and life was extremely busy. We were always moving and, to top it all, I had an extremely active imagination. My mother would often remark how I would often fall asleep through utter exhaustion and that this was demonstrated by the many awkward lying down poses I would end up in after finally surrendering. Over time I devised different methods that helped calm my […]

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Triple C Fitness Training (diary entry)

downward cross

17.08.18 Tonight began the first of two scheduled group lessons from my Triple C (Chimera Combat Conditioning) Fitness programme. My clients were a range of ages, experience and abilities. The session was fun with a mixture of basic techniques from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Submission Grappling. All callisthenic, dynamic stretching and mobility exercises were specific for these sports and their over-arching discipline of Mixed Martial Arts. We began with some simple all over movement exercises to loosen up […]

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