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Covers & Grappling (diary entry)

Side headlock defence 6

10.11.2023 The final hour of my client’s Self-Protection course was all hard skills. We went back to the pre-emptive strike but looked at grappling alternatives for a mid-level threat. This took the form of the arm-drag and counter-arm-drag back to fence. We escalated this to a pressure test (unscripted and uncooperative). The arm-drag introduced the importance of gaining the back position. Next we moved onto the main feature of the lesson: when matters go wrong. This type of hard skills […]

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Headlocks (diary entry)


08.09.2023 Hour four of my UKSO Cotswolds’ teacher client’s clinch course brought us on to using headlocks. These were all performed as sag takedowns, meaning no big explosive movements or lifts. We warmed up bulling the collar/elbow ties and pummelling the overhooks and underhooks. Whilst drilling the former we looked at creeping a dominant inside elbow grip. This was a good tactical principle I wanted to address: getting an opponent to ignore a deposit on a strong position. We acknowledged […]

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More Wrestling Research (diary entry)


30.08.2023 My 1.5 hour client’s deep dive into Greco-Roman Wrestling inspired techniques and tactics continued tonight as we covered some new tactics in throwing and some more wrestling-based ground-fighting. After a warm-up of grappling-based callisthenics and dynamic stretches – Indian press-ups, Indian squat, head bridges and crab press-ups – we went back to the 2-on-1. From this position I linked in an old primal move now often disregarded technique in Submission Grappling and MMA, the head-lock. This was the sag […]

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Defending against the Headlock (diary entry)

Side headlock defence 5

14.11.18   Today’s session with Kingham Hill School brought an ending to the hard skills part of their self-protection training. We looked at defending against primal grappling, focusing on a specific technique – the side headlock – and in general with a pressure test. Next week we will look at some attribute training in the form stand-up fighting.   The lesson began with a warm-up of muscle memory revision exercises. This included striking whilst moving, covering, sprawling, knee strikes and […]

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