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Combination 6 Partner Work (diary entry)

Spinning Back fist diary entry

22.03.21 My second lesson on Monday night took my two lockdown partnered clients into the sixth combination on focus mitts. This is their second course on stand-up focusing on rythm and flow and they are into their eighth hour. Tonight’s training looked at a hands-only series of chained techniques, involving two hammer/back-fists and one spinning variation of this technique. After a 10 minute round of warming up where we went through various Muay Thai combinations, we  completed a 10 minute […]

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Offline Strikes & Pressure Testing at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)

pressure test

09.10.19   Kingham Hill School’s Self-Protection course was Wednesday’s first lesson. We shifted our focus onto direct application of force. We also covered offline strikes and an introduction to pressure testing.   Training began with a warm up of purposeful walking, taking in surroundings and identifying hazards and exits. As a circuit of the training hall was completed the class were told to immediately move to exit points. Attention was paid to posture and observation. Heart rates were raised with […]

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Ground ‘n Pound Begins! (diary entry)


26.07.2018   This evening saw the beginning of my client’s first lesson in MMA ground-fighting. As the title suggests, this will involve both striking and submission work from top and underneath positions. My starting point for this course was to look at establishing strong pins and transitioning through pins to work the top position. In order to do this the fighter needs to have specifically trained core muscles. He needs to be able to coordinate weight distribution, maintain firm stability […]

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