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Adding Kicks & Restricting Movement (diary entry)

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08.11.20 Tonight my two lockdown clients began their next course. One of them is looking to improve her kicking speed whilst her partner will be going into an operation soon that will restrict movements with one of his knees. With this mind, I continued with the boxing combination I taught last week and adapted it for both of them. Prior to making these adaptations I went through footwork patterns, slipping and ducking before layering on the punching combination. Then I […]

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Clinch and Ground (diary entry)

two on one to back

20.08.20 Thursday night was a teacher constultancy session with two independent karate instructors who are operating within a Covid-19 bubble. Previously we went through some basic pinning and escaping side control. Tonight’s lesson dealt with breaking a collar-tie grip and escaping from guard. We began with a warm-up of clinch and ground callisthenics, designed to hit all the muscle groups and movements we would be using tonight as well reinforcing some basic technique. Then we went straight into the clinch […]

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Lockdown Sparring (diary entry)

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10.08.20 Monday night’s lesson was the second hour of my client’s new course on submission grappling. We went over last week’s material on the arm-bar and triangle choke from guard, but this time brought in flow drills and did two rounds of specific sparring – guard-passing.

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Ground-Fighting Clinic (diary entry)

lee and tracey rash guards

23.07.20 Two martial arts instructors booked me in for a clinic on ground-fighting. We specifically addressed escaping the dreaded side-control, which is a common problem especially when facing larger and stronger opponents. Before I approached this specific issue, I warmed my two clients up with a series of ground-fighting callisthenics. We then went through my pinning drill to best establish the basic top positions. From here we began to address countering two types of side control. My main focus was […]

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Closing up Side Control, Stack Escape & Specific Sparring (diary entry)


28.01.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my client up to the eighth hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. My client was interested in a closer examination of his performance via sparring. We ended up focusing on aspects of attacking from the top and defending against stacking in the guard. The lesson began with an overview of the various ground-fighting callisthenics before going straight into 4 x 2 minute rounds of sparring. This is unusually short for submission grappling which usually […]

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Intensive Turtle! (diary entry)


21.01.20   This Tuesday brought my client up to the seventh hour of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We focused entirely on attacking and defending the turtle position.   The lesson began with a series of crawling callisthenics, specific to submission grappling. These also included three variations of sit-outs, rolling from turtle to guard partner drills and movement around the turtle position, all of which are directly relevant to tonight’s subject matter.   We then revised the basic attack on […]

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Attacking the Turtle Position (diary entry)

Tarn back mount1

14.01.20   My first Tuesday night lesson brought my client up to the sixth hour of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. Due to missing a few weeks’ training we decided to do a revision of all the main areas before finishing with work in the turtle position.   We began with ground grappling callisthenics. The final callisthenics included three different types of sit-out exercises that can be utilised to better condition for the turtle position. Then we ran through both […]

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Introducing the Defensive Guard (diary entry)

resistance band guard

30.11.19   We reached the five and a half hour point of my client’s MMA course on Saturday. This morning we worked on all areas, but mainly concentrated on fighting off the cage and from the guard.   The lesson began with a wide range of warm-up and revision activities for muscle activation and muscle memory. This began specific light callisthenics and dynamic stretching – rising kicks, Indian push-ups and Indian squats – moving onto agility ladder training – chopping […]

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Escapes & The Guard (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

21.11.19   Thursday night’s first lesson brought my junior clients up to the seventh hour of their Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We covered a lot of ground tonight, introducing the guard.   The lesson began with a warm-up crawls and snaking followed by transitioning through pins with submissions. Then we drilled escapes from side control and scarf-hold. This brought us onto the guard where we looked at escapes, sweeps and submissions.   The escape taught was the simple hip-out escape. This […]

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Introducing the Guard (diary entry)

armbar from guard

22.10.19   After a layoff my client returned for the eighth hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. Due to the time off, my client has decided to book me in for an additional 10 hours when this course finishes. Clients typically add on two extra hours to a basic 10 hour course due to the sophistication of this discipline. Tonight we revised previous material with the exception of escaping pins and focused on the closed guard.   We began with […]

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MMA Stand up Guards Continues (diary entry)

Attacking the cover1

15.11.18   My client reached the final hour of his second Mixed Martial Arts course today. He has decided to continue the training with a third course, exploring the use of the stand-up guard. Tonight we looked at the mid-level guard and the low guard. Again, as with the high guard, one of the immediate problems presented by MMA guard as opposed to Muay Thai or Western Boxing guards is the size of the gloves. We worked using footwork more […]

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The MMA Guard (diary entry)


10.11.2018   This morning brought my client up to the ninth hour of his second 10 hour course on Mixed Martial Arts. Based on last lesson’s sparring we decided to move on from half-guard and to look at stand-up guards in MMA. This lesson focused entirely on the high (Muay Thai) guard.   We warmed up with some dynamic stretching exercises, which included various MMA specific movements to work through striking and grappling positions. This led onto mirror footwork, which […]

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Punching, Submissions & Sweeps (diary entry)

6 Defence from guard to standing6 (small)

08.09.18 This morning my client reached his final lesson of a 10 hour course on MMA ground-fighting. He made the decision to continue his training next time with a course on comprehensive MMA. We focused on the oma plata to complete our basic series on submissions from the guard, but the main area of training was blending punching with all guard positions and submissions. We warmed up using the progressive fighting system. This is where light sparring starts from cold. […]

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MMA Stacking (diary entry)


18.08.18 This morning my client’s course finished at the five and a half hour point of his course on Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting. This one hour lesson was entirely focused on fighting inside the guard. We trained standing up in the guard, stacking, passing, punching combinations and transitioning into submissions. We began with top position callisthenics – bear crawls, stiff-leg bear crawls, lizard crawls, frog jumps and monkey crawls – followed by bottom position callisthenics – snakes and crab crawls […]

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Cross Cover when Kicking? (diary entry)

chamber kick

25.07.18   Tonight my client began a series of classes on Muay Thai. This began with a two hour special lesson. He is my most experienced regular client, but we decided to go back to basics. During the time we have been training together his knowledge and skills have grown considerably, and I have continued to advance my knowledge on coaching methods. We made the decision to focus in detail at the fundamentals of the art, looking at the simplest […]

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