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Punching, Submissions & Sweeps (diary entry)

6 Defence from guard to standing6 (small)

08.09.18 This morning my client reached his final lesson of a 10 hour course on MMA ground-fighting. He made the decision to continue his training next time with a course on comprehensive MMA. We focused on the oma plata to complete our basic series on submissions from the guard, but the main area of training was blending punching with all guard positions and submissions. We warmed up using the progressive fighting system. This is where light sparring starts from cold. […]

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MMA Guard-Work (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing4

25.08.18 This morning my client completed his seventh hour of a 10 hour course on MMA Ground-Fighting. We continued our work on fighting from the top position in the guard and then began work from the guard position for MMA. Striking and defending strikes from these positions is an art unto itself, requiring a lot of work looking at how to transition effectively. We warmed up with both top and bottom position callisthenics. Bear crawls, stiff-legged bear crawls, lizard crawls, […]

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