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Ground-Striking (diary entry)

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28.04.20   My second client on Tuesday completed his seventh hour of this course of MMA training. Most of this course has occurred during the lockdown period which means we have had to train via online video streaming. Tonight we spent a lot of time looking at striking combinations on the ground, using strikes to set up submissions and progressing our pin transitioning.   After a warm-up of sport-specific callisthenics and dynamic stretching, we moved onto striking combinations. I began […]

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Elbows, Knees & Ground Work (diary entry)


13.03.19 My second lesson of the day was my regular nephew and uncle team. The junior lesson covered horizontal knees, uppercut elbows, side elbows, diagonal elbows and chopping elbows in Muay Thai. The senior lesson looked at effective transitioning from the top position into pins, submissions and striking. The junior lesson warmed up with mirror footwork, building up basic combinations and then moving onto the clinch. When in the clinch we looked at various positions for setting up knee strikes […]

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