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Symmetrical Ground Fighting in Self-Defence (diary entry)


24.01.2023 The ninth penultimate self-defence lesson with my bodyguard client brought us on to ground-fighting. Here is was important to drill fighting on the ground with clear objectives to get back up. There are certain circumstances where the fight needs to be finished on the ground but in most instances the defender needs to be aiming to regain his footing as efficiently as possible. This why throughout the course I have regularly drilled him in fast recovery posture transitioning. Here […]

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Defending Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)


                                    14.11.2022 Hour three of my couple clients’ course on MMA Ground-Fighting brought us on to the subject of defence. We looked at defending from under side control and full mount. After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we moved straight into side control. Whilst here I thought it be a good opportunity to look at the dreaded crucifix position, […]

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