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Underhook & Overhook Takedowns (diary entry)


15.09.2023 Hour five of my UKSO Cotswolds’ teacher client’s clinch course brought us on to overhook/underhook centred takedowns. We trained the following: Overhook Off-Balance – This technique is a counter to a strong underhook. The takedown can be set up by pushing and pulling an opponent in a body-clinch. Timing is essential and the purpose is have the opponent commit to their underhook, pushing the shoulder high. From this position the fighter presses their palm onto the top of the […]

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More 2-on-1 Work (diary entry)


23.08.2023 Wednesday night’s 1.5 hour lesson continued work from the two-on-one, looking at counters and ways to get a takedown. This moved us into the lat whip where we performed a less explosive variation. Keeping on the two-on-one we moved gable grips and Nelson holds. This brought us on to the Greco-Roman version of fighting from turtle. It’s an altogether different game and the position is known as the Par Terre. Rather than simply getting the back, the person on […]

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Two-on-One Takedowns & Counters (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint5

16.08.2023 My 1.5 hour client reviewed all the pinch headlock work we had been covering before moving onto the two-on-one series. After a warm-up of Indian press-ups and squats, we practised some break-falling and rolling. This was followed by a review of pinch headlock to throwby, pinch headlock to side takedown, pinch headlock to sagging bodylock takedown and pinch headlock to the crunch. We then began the two-on-one and drilled it from an arm-drag as well as other positions. I […]

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The Crunch & The Off-Balance (diary entry)


09.08.2023 Today’s final lesson was my 1.5 veteran training class where we are exploring Greco-Wrestling inspired grappling techniques. After some wrestling-based callisthenics, we went back over the three pinch-headlock techniques covered in the last two lessons. These were the throwby, the side headlock variation and the sagging bodylock. Then we explored “The Crunch” and “The Off-Balance”. The former brings in elements from the pinch-headlock/side headlock takedown and the sagging bodylock. On the surface it looked like a headlock takedown performed […]

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Pinch Headlock (diary entry)


02.08.2023 Tonight my 1.5 hour lesson continued its deep dive into Greco-Roman Wrestling inspired grappling methods for martial arts cross training and we focused on the pinch headlock. After some collar and elbow tie “bulling” and over-hook/under-hook pummelling, we reviewed the arm-drag takedown and the gift-wrap takedown. These two techniques were performed from drilling actions.   The main crux of the lesson was using the pinch headlock. Headlocks have long been restricted in many teaching, reserved for a place in […]

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Clinch for Submission Grappling (diary entry)


01.08.2023 My limited lesson course on Submission Grappling shifted its focus to the clinch. My client wanted to work in this particular field to link it with my her ground-fighting. Therefore, our warm-up largely consisted of box-footwork and collar and elbow “bulling”.  We looked at the three basic wrestling stances and how to unbalance an opponent. I then introduced under-hook and over-hook pummelling. From here we covered the Greco-Roman arm-drag takedown. This technique, taught to me by Lee Hasdell, is […]

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Arm-Drags & Uppercuts (diary entry)

Botley Class 3 uppercut

08.03.2023 My junior class introduced techniques found in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Both of these techniques focused on the use of the arm-drag. We covered variant technical points such as the depth of the grip. Personal preference might have the fighter grip the elbow or the tricep. For purposes of today’s lesson we went with the tricep grip as close to the armpit as possible. We warmed up with a back-take sequence but then altered this entry for a side-by-side takedown for […]

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