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Grappling Defence at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

eye gouge standing

16.05.18   The second lesson of the day was part of my continuing Self-Protection/Mixed Martial Arts course I am running at Kingham Hill School. Today the class moved onto anti-grappling tactics. We overlapped pad-work, technique application and live testing on all the techniques cover today.   We warmed up with posture transitioning and movement exercises. Then we began an anti-grappling exercise that involved one partner using grappling holds and the other placing strikes. This built up into a series of […]

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Four Postures, Three Transitions, One Fight (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

06.04.18 Tonight’s special double lesson took an in depth look at the four postures and three transitions of fighting. This was all mainly taken with an MMA context. We spent time looking more at travelling movement through the postures as well as the usual single transitions. After a period of dynamic stretching and training specific calisthenics we began going through the postures.   Four Postures: Standing – Stand-up Fighting and Clinch range Kneeling/Half-Kneeling – Combat Base for Ground Fighting Range […]

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Guard Position Mobility (diary entry)


01.11.17   Tonight’s lesson moved away from MMA clinch and Muay Thai to explore ground-fighting and working from the guard. This topic came up after MMA sparring in the previous lesson, where my client expressed problems with executing effective movement whilst holding a closed guard position.   We warmed up with our usual set of mobility exercises into calisthenics. Then we completed a series of calisthenic exercises specifically for ground-fighting. This consisted of various crawls and also snaking/shrimping variations to […]

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Takedown Defence, Counters and Escapes (diary entry)

sit out escape2

              30.09.17   This morning was the penultimate lesson of my client’s proposed 10 hour course. We looked more at combining ranges of takedown attack as well as takedown defence and escapes. This began with a series of callisthenic and mobility exercises, before we began some partner grip-work. This consists of “bulling” – necktie exercises – which progressed onto one-for-one grip attacks and escapes. We then moved this up into grip-fighting sparring. Next we […]

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Big Throwing and Combination Time (diary entry)


23.09.17   Tonight’s lesson on basic stand-up grappling for martial arts cross training brought us up to the seven hour mark of the scheduled 10 hour course. After an unexpected and extended break between classes I thought it was wise to do a fair amount of revision before we looked at some new techniques. This wasn’t simply just going back over old material, but I looked at encouraging more combination work. After a warm-up of specific mobility and callisthenic exercises […]

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Low Line Takedowns (diary entry)


31.08.2017   Tonight’s private lesson on basic stand-up grappling for martial arts cross training brought us up to the 5 ½ hour mark. With this client, I usually schedule the last lesson as the only one hour one in the course, but certain time constraints forced us to adapt. Having worked for the past three lessons mainly on highline and mid-line throws (although not always within Greco-Roman Wrestling rules), we worked mainly on lowline takedowns.   We warmed up with […]

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Clinch/Standing Joint Locks and Retraining Holds


12.11.16   Today’s double lesson concerned joint locks with a request for a particular focus on the clinch range. We are currently working around a recent operation. A strong feature of the coaching and teaching I offer is the ability to adapt. Geoff Thompson and Mo Teague have been strong influences on the importance of adaptation. Fighting is rarely convenient. This is why training through a range of inconveniences from simulated injuries and around less than ideal conditions are crucial […]

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Underhooks, Shovel Hooks and Waist-Locks (diary entry)

body clinch

18.05.16   The eighth lesson in my client’s second course on Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training looked at very close range fighting. We began with the clinch and the double-under-hook position. From here we focused on controlling movement and posture. Closing gaps is crucial in grappling, as the slightest space allows an opponent to block or delay an attack. It’s important to move into the grip as deeply and early as possible, and to be wary of […]

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MMA 101 (diary entry)


07.11.15 This marks the beginning of a series of two-hour MMA lessons for an old client of mine. My new regular gym is situated out in the sticks and I appreciate it is not easy non-local clients to get to me on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is often better for those who live further away or have a more sporadic lifestyle to book me in for fortnightly double sessions. However, the dynamic of these lessons will always be different […]

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