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Sweeps vs Angle Strikes (diary entry)


16.02.19 The first lesson of the morning was the final lesson of my client’s course on Martial Arts Cross Training. This class saw us revising stick and knife work before using them within the context of MMA ground-fighting. To set the scene for groundwork, we went over a series of sweeps, much as I had already done with my senior client last Wednesday. Training began with a warm-up of stick-work. We went through 12 angles of the single stick off […]

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Footwork and Postures (diary entry)


30.01.19   Tonight’s lesson continued work on Filipino influenced martial arts tactics in sport and self-defence. Although we did train through postures and opened up sparring to all ranges, we primarily focused on stand-up fighting. Next week we will move more into clinch and ground.   The lesson began with a warm-up of single and double-stick movements. We started with the single stick 12 angles. This then moved onto double-stick partner work. Here we used angles 1 and 2 through […]

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